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If you're one of those who's "just not that into Halloween", aka you find dressing up for the occasion super stressful, here's a tip: skip it. Seriously, just skip Halloween and go straight to the winter holiday season. Brands like Starbucks are already gearing up for Christmas by releasing everything from cookie straws to speciality coffee. Here are all the holiday Starbucks treats you can currently snag on Amazon. 

Starbucks Cookie Straws


In August, Starbucks released pumpkin spice-flavored cookie straws, and now you can get their classic dark chocolate cookie straws in a red and white festive holiday tin. The straws are individually wrapped, so you can spread holiday cheer by passing them out to friends (or Grinch it up and keep them all for yourself).  

Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee K-Cups


Brew yourself a cup of Starbucks holiday blend coffee in your Keurig for a quick sip of cheer in the morning. The blend is medium roast with sweet maple notes.

Pro Tip: Sip your cup of joe through a cookie straw and combine the maple notes with real dark chocolate. 

Starbucks Holiday Blend Ground Coffee


If you like to make your coffee the old fashioned way with a regular coffee maker, go for the ground beans instead. Either way, your kitchen will be filled with the rich scent of coffee and maple. 

Starbucks Holiday Classic Hot Cocoa


Starbucks Holiday Classic Hot Cocoa is just like your classic hot chocolate, but with rich notes of dark chocolate mixed throughout. To make, mix with a cup of hot milk, stir, and chug. Just kidding, but you'll want to. 

Starbucks Holiday Bundle


If you're two seconds from clicking "order" on all of these holiday offerings, pump the breaks and check out the Holiday Bundle. The bundle features 20 cookie straws, 10 Holiday Blend K-Cups, six Peppermint Mocha Latte K-Cups, and a bottle of dark chocolate mocha sauce to drizzle over the top of your drinks.

Pro Tip: Throw it all in a decorative basket and give it as a gift this holiday season!

So, feel free to skip PSL season if you so please. With these Starbucks holiday offerings already available, it won't be hard. Hot chocolate and peppermint mocha awaits!