If you're bored of your usual coffee order and are itching to get out, these Starbucks drinks from around the world just might be worth traveling for. Of course, not all Starbucks are the same and neither are their recipes. You'll obviously need to hop on a couple flights to taste these drinks, but it will undoubtedly be worth it.

Orange Honeycomb Crunch Cream Frappuccino (Thailand)

This drink is an orange-flavored, citrusy delight topped with honeycomb crunch pieces, whipped cream, orange bits, and orange sauce.

Brigadeiro Frappuccino (Brazil)

The Brigadeiro Frappuccino is an iced coffee drink with dark chocolate chips, both mocha and white chocolate sauce, and milk. It's topped with brigadier (a dark chocolate Brazilian dessert made with condensed milk and butter), sauce, and whipped cream.

Fruit Jelly Yogurt Frappuccino (China)

This is an interesting blend of yogurt and sweet jelly cubes. You can order this beverage in either mango or strawberry and can top it off with whipped cream (which you should really do).

Churro Frappuccino Blended Beverage (Latin America)

This drink is a delicious blend of white mocha syrup and cinnamon dolce, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar sprinkles. Unfortunately, there is no actual churro in the drink.

Cherry Blossom Frappuccino (Japan)

The cherry blossom Frappuccino is made by blending strawberries with white chocolate sauce, cream, and matcha. It's topped with whipped cream and matcha sprinkles, making it one of the cutest drinks ever.

Lúcuma Crème Frappuccino (Peru)

This is a tangy beverage with cream and a lacuna custard, which is a tropical fruit native to Peru. Naturally, it's topped with whipped cream.

Pistachio and Rose Mocha (Europe/Africa)

This is an espresso drink with steamed milk, rose and pistachio syrup, and mocha sauce. It's topped with pistachio and rose whipped cream and pistachio pieces. You'll definitely want to Insta this drink if you get to order it, because it looks classy AF. 

Peach Blossom Flavored Tea Latte (China)

Made with black tea powder, peach blossom syrup, milk, and cream, the peach blossom tea latte sounds heavenly. To take it to the next level, it's topped with whipped cream, peach syrup, and peach sprinkles.

Despite the fact that you'd need to travel halfway across the world to try the majority of these drinks, I can guarantee if you are able to taste any of these delicacies, you would not be disappointed.