Donuts are easily everyone's best friend. They're a great pick-me-up after a long day of lectures. But of course, there are so many events and club meetings on campus that always seem to be offering free donuts. Just in case you happen to go to all of them, what are you going to do with all those leftover, stale donuts? Here are some ideas to make sure you fully enjoy your stash of donuts. 

Donut French toast

Instead of your regular French toast for a lazy weekend brunch, switch out that plain piece of bread for a donut. This is a simple and delicious way to use any stale donuts you have — make sure to top them off with cinnamon and maple syrup for a decadent twist. 

Donut bread pudding

Impress your friends with this bread pudding made of donuts. It’s rich and delightful, and you’ll want to go for another scoop after you finish. This is best made with plain glazed donuts, and topped off with some chocolate sauce, you’ve got some awesome dessert.

Donut milkshake 

This is your excuse to make a milkshake that’s Instagram-worthy. It’s a simple way to make use of your donuts: You just chuck it in a blender with some milk and ice cream of your choice. But it gets that fancy boost that you’ll want to document and show off if you garnish the top of your glass with another donut. 

Donut ice cream sandwich

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Bernard Wen

A warm donut sliced in half, filled with cold ice cream, topped off with some delicious Nutella. What more could we ask for? Even your stale donuts will come alive with flavor if you give them a little warm encouragement in the microwave and fill it with ice cream and toppings.


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Swap out the traditional ladyfingers for some donuts in this tiramisu recipe. The sugary donuts will be a nice kick to the espresso and silky mascarpone cream that will look and taste fancy. 

Donut waffle chips

I’ve seen the mesmerizing videos of donuts being put in waffle makers, coming out steaming hot and crispy with the perfect griddle marks. These donut waffle chips are sure to be a hit for a quick snack, and even if you don’t have a waffle maker, it’s easy to make with just two pans. 

Donut cake pop truffles

Cake pops don’t have to be limited to being made from cake. You can make them with your donuts instead for an easy and fun treat to share with friends or eat all by yourself.

Donut breakfast sandwich 

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Kelsey Coughlin

There’s something so satisfying about sweet and savory flavors together, and you can get just that with this upgrade to your bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. The donut provides the perfect sweetness to the cheesy bacon and eggs that you’ll want to eat every morning.

Donut grilled cheese 

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Akiko Yamada

Just when you thought your favorite grilled cheese sandwich couldn’t get any better, it just did. Make your favorite grilled cheese with a donut instead of bread, and you won’t be disappointed. Ignore all the stares from people who think you’re crazy, they’re just missing out.

There’s no fear now about what to do with leftover donuts. Go ahead and hit up all those free food events for all the donuts you could want.