From family events to holiday parties, you've likely had your fair share of dry, overcooked, or stale cookies. Nothing is worse than eating something with so much potential, and having it disappoint.

However, not all stale cookie experiences are the same. Maybe you overdid it while holiday cookie taste testing, or you made your fave batch of cookies and woke up the next morning only to realize you forgot to wrap them up. If trying to save them just isn't cutting it, have no fear. Here are five ways to put stale cookies to use.

1. Throw them in a milkshake

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Like milk and cookies, but better. Add stale cookies to your next milkshake and blend to satisfy your cravings for this classic treat.

2. Make a cookie pie crust

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Not only is this the easiest "pie" recipe ever, this one also allows for endless creativity. Combine crushed cookie pieces with melted butter, fill with your favorite ice cream of choice, and top with chopped candy pieces, hot fudge, or whipped cream. 

3. Add them to a chocolate bark

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This "everything but the kitchen sink" chocolate bark is perfect for when you're looking to clean out your pantry, while satisfying your sweet tooth. Top melted chocolate with cookie pieces, chopped nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, or candy pieces and you're good to go. 

4. Elevate your batch of brownies

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This treat is anything but boring. Add cookie crumbs between layers or on top of brownie batter for an instant upgrade. Yes, please. 

5. Make homemade cookie butter

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Impress your friends with this treat by combining crushed cookie pieces, heavy cream, sugar, and butter. Enjoy with fresh fruit, toast, or by the spoonful. 

Although dealing with stale cookies may not always be an issue for some of us, you now know what to do in case you find yourself with trays of leftover cookies from your next holiday baking craze.