St. Petersburg, Florida is home to some great foodie finds. There are incredible restaurants, fresh seafood galore and Central Ave is bustling with new bars and coffee shops. 

But one place is leading the St. Pete foodie pack: Locale Market. This downtown market is chock full of fresh seafood, dry-aging beef, local beers and interesting lunch finds.

cheese, beer
Kara Schiaparelli

Walking into the market is what I imagine heaven to be like: humongous burgers, fresh fruit smoothies, lots of different types of cheeses, local brands and endless meal choices. 

milk, cheese, dairy product
Kara Schiaparelli

An interesting part of the market is the window that allows customers to look into where they dry age their meats. While the beef might not look so good, you can bet that it will taste delicious.

bacon, steak, broil, lamb, barbecue, sausage, beef, pork, meat
Kara Schiaparelli

On the day I went to the market, I decided to try one of their Nori rolls. I got the Spicy Crab roll with crab meat, a Thai chili sauce, cucumbers and tobiko (flying fish roe). While not as good as my beloved Buredo, it certainly fulfilled my sushi craving.

shrimp, cucumber, salmon, tuna, avocado, fish, seafood, rice, sushi
Kara Schiaparelli

If you're in the mood for a more sit-down establishment, then go upstairs to Locale's restaurant called FarmTable Kitchen. It serves "farm-and-Gulf-to-table fare" and it is seriously delicious. Try the Lobster Roll and you'll agree.

So, if you are in the St. Petersburg area and want to find your next culinary inspiration, then check out Locale. And explore all the St. Pete has to offer, beyond just the Beach Drive favorites.