I don't know about you, but I could eat bread for every meal. There are so many ways to enjoy bread whether it's as part of a grilled cheese, french toast or a sandwich - the options are endless. I'm always looking for healthier versions of my favorite foods and Rudi's Organic Bakery is a brand you need to keep an eye out for at the grocery store. 

What Is Rudi's Organic Bread?

In order for bread to be considered organic, it must contain at least 95% organic ingredients and free of synthetic preservatives, additives, hydrogenation oils, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Rudi's Organic bread meets all of these requirements and tastes delicious. 

The brand carries a wide variety of breads and wraps to satisfy all of your needs. If you're looking to enjoy more classic sandwich bread, Rudi's Rocky Mountain Sourdough, Honey Sweet Whole Wheat and 100% Whole Wheat are three options to choose from out of over 16 different flavors. 

I suggest the Honey Sweet Whole Wheat, especially for a PB&J sandwich. It has this subtle sweet flavor that makes any sandwich taste better. 

More Rudi's Organic Products

If you're looking for more organic bread, Rudi's has bagels, english muffins, buns, rolls, tortillas, wraps and soft pretzels. My personal favorite are the english muffins. They are hearty, thick and satisfying. Add some peanut butter on them and you're golden. 

In addition to these products, Rudi's also offers gluten-free breads in Cinnamon Raisin, Multigrain and Original

Where To Find Rudi's Products

Looking to get your hands on some new tasty bread? Check out Rudi's product locator to find a carrier near you. 

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