If you're scrolling through instagram looking for a new food account to follow, you have to check out @foodmarshall. The Instagram account is managed by Anna Marshall, a Junior at the University of Miami. Anna fills her Insta feed with all things raw, colorful, and delicious, reflecting the type of lifestyle she lives.

As a Public Health major and passionate foodie, her life goal is to educate individuals to be mindful about what they put into their bodies and to treat the planet with respect. 

Foodie Fact: Breakfast is the most important meal for your mind and body because it gives you a kick-start to the day!

After reading nutrition & wellness books, watching a few food documentaries involving sustainability and food processes, and attending various food festivals, Anna began to learn about the powerful effects food can have on a person’s mind and body.

"I want to have the optimal amount of energy and I feel completely nourished when I eat this way. I also realized how much more sustainable this type of lifestyle is," says Anna. 

We are all super curious about these fancy food creations on your Facebook page and food 'gram. What are some of your favorite dishes to make?

Anna: As a busy college student, I am not always able to make the most eye-appealing, gourmet foods. However, there are some quick snacks and meals that I love to make. Buckwheat flour is a wonderful and nutritious ancient grain that I love to use in pancakes, and Buckwheat groats taste great in granola. Nut and seed superfood balls are always an easy-to-make and energy-boosting snack.

I love fruit plates, sliced veggies with a raw dip, and giant salads with spiral zoodles topped with a homemade dressing blended from soaked and sprouted nuts, seeds, and fresh herbs. I enjoy creating cauliflower rice sushi, kelp noodle dishes (made from a sea vegetable), raw zucchini lasagna, and raw wraps with veggies. Some of my favorite desserts include coconut-based ice cream, date and coconut rolls, frozen banana ice cream topped with figs, mulberries and cacao nibs, raw carrot cakes, and more. 

I think we all agree that all your dishes are beautiful! Since your lifestyle consists of only plant-based foods, how do you stay full throughout the day?

Anna: Well, I tend to eat a lot more in a sitting than most people do. I can munch on an abundance of fruits and vegetables, but what keeps me satisfied longer are the raw, thick sauces and dressings I make out of nuts and seeds. They are nutrient-dense, full of healthy fats and protein. I am also a fan of raw nut butters and tahini. Definitely a great source of protein which allows me to stay full of energy during a busy day of classes.

Foodie Fact: Nuts are not easily perishable and are full of minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron!

Being an on-the-go college student, is maintaining this lifestyle difficult?

Anna: No, I have a lot of fun with this lifestyle! Growing up, I consumed an animal product at every meal but after following numerous health Instagrams and bloggers, exploring plant-based restaurants, visiting farmers markets, and attending health and wellness festivals, I have immersed myself into this way of living. It is a lifestyle, not a diet. I realized healthy plant-based food is all one needs. Plant foods are vibrant and lively, always nourishing our bodies and making us feel good.

Food brings people together. Socializing over food is definitely a big part of my life and my friends lives too. It can be tricky for me to find an item on a restaurant menu that works for me. Luckily, nowadays restaurants are utilizing more plant foods and serving farm-to-table dishes. I see that more chefs and food companies are joining this extraordinary plant movement. Optimal health and delicious food is starting to meld together, and plant-based cuisine is becoming more accessible.

It's important to remember that regardless of whether you are a plant-based eater, vegetarian, or meat-lover, we can always be mindful of the foods we consume and where we get them from. Anna recommends buying ingredients from local farmers markets to support your community and businesses that do the food industry justice. At the end of the day, it's the way food makes us feel that matters.