Once February hits, it sometimes gets hard to remember the New Year's Resolutions you set when the ball dropped. We're here to get you back on the bandwagon with a "Perfect" week full of discounts, free food, and the motivation you need to push on.

Monday: KIND Bar

The most popular snack bar in the college student population. Besides, who doesn't love a good free snack? No one. Stop by Library Mall during the day to snag one of these bad boys to fuel up not only for the rest of your long Monday but to prepare for the perfect week to come. Bring your punch with you for the rest of the week to verify your participation. 

Tuesday: Salads UP

A recent addition to the Madison food scene, Salads up has quickly become a favorite place for students. You can chose from a Signature Salad, create your own salad or wrap with the fresh mix-ins, and a smoothie and receive 25% off your purchase. This discount is CLUTCH for both the regular Salads Up customers as well as the newbies who are about to get hooked. 

Wednesday: Kamps Fit

Also a new addition to Madison, Kamps already has the reputation of kicking everyone's a** in the best way possible. Their motto, "HIIT it hard" was developed from being a high-intensity workout that rotates treadmill intervals with strength building intervals. 

Thursday: Sencha Tea Bar

Calling all tea fanatics: Sencha is giving out FREE 16 oz. tea. This is a prime opportunity to try out bubble tea if you haven't had the chance to or its also the perfect opportunity to get your tea fix without dropping the cash. 

Friday: The Grand Finale

You done did the damn thing. A week of resolutions in the book: you fueled up on the best snack bar, you got to have some fresh, healthy, and delicious noms at Salad's Up, you HIIT it hard, and you scored a free tea. The prizes for completion are even better than what you accomplished this week, so snaps to you for sticking with the Perfect Week.