S’Up Madtown?

Are you ready for State Street’s brand new salad, juice, and smoothie bar?

Salads UP sure is.

While us students have been moving into dorms and getting into the academic (and social) swing of things, the Salads UP crew has been gearing up for their grand opening this Monday, October 10.

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Salads UP was founded by two University of Michigan alums: Max Steir and Robby Mayer. And, as recent graduates, they get it.

“It’s hard to be healthy when you’re always on the go,” they wrote on their site. “When we were students, our diets consisted of the usual: pizza, burgers, burritos, whatever. Days would go by where the only green we ate was guacamole (at an extra charge).”

Both noticed an absence of high quality and wholesome “fast food” on college campuses. So they quit their jobs and created it themselves. Robby, a business major, and Max, a history and economics major, put their heads together to launch Salads UP. One year later, they have plans to expand to other Big 10 campuses all across the nation.

Let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on our backs, because the Salads UP team selected Madison as their second location, out of all their options across the country. What started as a small restaurant unique to downtown Ann Arbor, has now blessed our very own State Street.

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Badgers, you’re in luck. Before their grand opening, Spoon Wisco got the inside scoop this past Wednesday when co-founders Max and Robby welcomed our team in for a complimentary private tasting.

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With nothing off limits, the blender whirred to life and our Spoon members went crazy. Signature salads were tossed, fresh ingredients wrapped, and hot paninis pressed. Many, like myself, opted to “mix it up” and create our own masterpieces from the ample salad bar selection.

To do so, you first choose a base: salad or wrap (pro tip: Max and Robby priced the wraps at $1 less than the salads to encourage everyone to try).

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Next, handpick 4 ingredients from a wide selection of veggies, nuts, seeds, and grains. I filled my bowl with sweet potatoes, edamame, and—in a moment of Mediterranean inspiration—chickpeas and black olives.

Before the final step, you also have the option to upgrade with a protein—like turkey bacon, shrimp skewer, steak, or roasted chicken—or a sprinkling of cheese— feta, white cheddar, parmesan, goat cheese, or blue cheese. Oh, and vegetarians, get ready to rejoice. For once, you have multiple vegetarian options: avocado, quinoa, hummus, eggs, and tofu. 

Finally, top it off with a fresh, homemade dressing. Aside from the classics like caesar and ranch, Salads UP also offers quirky vinaigrettes like carrot ginger, lemon herb, and spinach pesto. 

“Our main focus is quality management,” Robby explained. “Our steak and chicken is cooked in-house, our soups made from scratch.” 

But, despite the name, salads aren’t Salads UP’s only claim to fame.

“We started with salads, and that has definitely been a big hit, but we’ve also expanded to breakfast, ” Max revealed.

Salads UP now offers three heart breakfast wraps, one of which is the “Olympus,” filled with egg, spicy feta spread, olives, spinach, tomato and lemon herb vinaigrette. The other two signature wraps include the steak and turkey bacon-based “Carnivore,” and the avocado, kale, and egg creation known as the “Go-Vo." 

That's not all Salads UP has in store for your mornings. Even though they have always offered smoothies, there’s no way the Salads UP crew could bear to sit idle during the latest breakfast bowl craze. So, they’ve created six original bowls that have got you covered for all your sweet or savory cravings.

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The bowls come with either a steel-cut oat, quinoa, or Greek-yogurt base.

The “Aloha”—a Greek-yogurt based pineapple and strawberry blend, topped with coconut shreds and agave drizzle—will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Then, there’s the treasure that is the oat-based “American Pie,” topped with apples, graham crackers, cinnamon, and honey drizzle. If reading that didn’t trigger some sort of Pavlovian salivation response, this picture might:

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I could on and on about all Salad’s UP has to offer, but you really should see for yourself.

Which, by the way, won’t be hard given Salads UP’s prime location right below the Hub.

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Like Max said: “Times have changed for what college students want.”Something tells me Salads UP’s convenience and deliciousness won’t be lost on Hub inhabitants—and anyone else strolling down State.