We’re all guilty of eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting. It feels so good at the time, but then after eating over 1,000 calories after a full dinner, the guilt starts to sink in. Luckily, people have figured out a way for us to enjoy an entire pint of ice cream and still feel sort of healthy.

Arctic Zero, the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts, is a frozen dessert company that thrives on its low calorie pints of ice cream. Each pint ranges from 150 to 300 calories, in comparison to the 260-290 calories in a single serving of Ben and Jerry’s (¼ of a cup). And did we mention that all of Arctic Zero’s products are lactose free, gluten free, fat free, low glycemic, and non-GMO?

Arctic Zero was kind enough to send Spoon University Tufts pints of their newest flavors for us to try and review: Brownie Blast, Snickerdoodle, Pomegranate, Banana Pudding, and Cake Batter. Here's what we thought:

5. Banana Pudding

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Hannah Kahn

If you like banana-flavored goods, then this is the flavor for you! This flavor is one of the “creamy” pints with only 150 calories per pint. It was definitely the least favorite of all 5, but is still a great option for banana lovers. It would make a great combination with some almond milk and peanut butter for a low calorie milkshake!

4. Poppin' Pomegranate

sweet, pomegranate, berry, milk, yogurt
Hannah Kahn

Pomegranate is the perfect flavor to cleanse your palate after a meal, or if you are in the mood for something fruity. This flavor was not my favorite because I am not a big sorbet fan, but it was still tasty nonetheless. 

3. Cake Batter

milk, cream, coffee, sweet, yogurt, tea, dairy product
Hannah Kahn

For a pint of ice cream that comes in at only 150 calories, this flavor hit it home on the cake batter flavor. Though it did not replicate your typical ice cream shop cake batter flavor, it was still enjoyable to eat, just not what we were expecting. Be warned: it did have a bit of an aftertaste.

2. Snickerdoodle Dandy

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Hannah Kahn

If you like snickerdoodles, then you should definitely try this flavor! Snickerdoodle Dandy is a “chunky” flavor and comes in at 300 calories, but it is definitely worth the extra calories. The little snickerdoodle chunks give the ice cream the perfect touch and tastes exactly like a snickerdoodle.

1. Brownie Blast

coffee, milk, chocolate, cream, sweet, espresso, tea, cappuccino
Hannah Kahn

It's no shock that this flavor was a crowd favorite. Arctic Zero really nailed the flavor on this one. Brownie Blast is another one of Arctic Zero’s “chunky” pints that has 300 calories per pint, but it is definitely worth the upgrade. It tastes exactly like brownie ice cream. 

I am not saying that Arctic Zero tastes better than regular ice cream, but if you are trying to eat healthier alternatives, Arctic Zero is a great option for you.

Spoon University Tufts would also like to thank Arctic Zero for the pints for us to taste!

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