Living in New York, our Spoon U chapter is especially blessed with amazing food at every turn.  New York is, after all, the capital of pizza and bagels, not to mention the birthplace of countless food trends. But we aren't just a fabulous chapter because of the food available to us in the Big Apple; no matter where we are, our plates are always food goals. So check out Spoon NYU's spring break food roundup — and try not to drool.

Fresh Ceviche in Chile

mango, salad, avocado, shrimp
Amelie Heurteux

"This is a seafood medley ceviche with a side of quinoa and avocado, from Santiago, Chile. Ceviche is a huge Chilean staple as the country borders the Pacific Ocean, meaning the seafood is always fresh and delicious."

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese 

cheese, egg, cream
Weichen Yan

"This lobster mac n' cheese is from Rocco's Steakhouse: the texture of the mac was spot on; cooked al dente and not soggy. They actually drizzled truffle oil on it which was a nice surprise!"

Ralph's Italian Ices

sorbet, ice cream, milk, cream, ice
Lauren DiGiovanni

Anyone from Long Island or Jersey knows what Ralph's means; summer is on its way. I, however, firmly believe that this treat is for all times of the year, not just summer. Here is a Strawberry Margarita and a Lemon ice from Ralph's Famous Italian Ices in Stony Brook, NY.

Fully Loaded Chicken Sandwich

cheese, bacon
Alison Rao

"This is a ham, cheese, and grilled chicken sandwich from Bistro 22 in Cranston, RI. The place is small and cozy and this was their special of the day."

This Ethiopian Feast

Mia Foucek

"From "Lalibela" restaurant in Mt. Kisco, NY. It's lamb, beef, cabbage, lentils, and beets served on a bed of teff. All housemade and traditional; I 10000% recommend." 

A Bomb Brunch in Barcelona

bread, tea
Alexandra Tringali

"Barcelona's Granja Petitbo is putting all NYC brunch spots to shame. Homemade juices (chilling with ice cubes made FROM the juice) pair beautifully with pistachio white chocolate waffles, coulis-covered pancakes, and banana filled brioche. Go to Barcelona. Eat this food."

Birthday Brunch

Natasha Murcia

"San Marzano birthday brunch was the warmest welcome into spring break! Going out into a blizzard has never been more worthwhile."

This Refreshing Tumeric Latte

cream, lemon
Shimal Bharadwaj

"I had a turmeric latte from Bluestone Lane in New York. I really loved how impeccably the the bitterness from the coffee and sweetness from the turmeric balanced one another. Thus, creating the ideal drink that was both refreshing as well as soothing."

Some Superb Swordfish

sauce, pork
Carter Roland

"Even though the plate they served this on was way bigger than it needed to be, this fish was seriously bomb: seared to perfection, and look at those adorable microgreens. It tasted even better knowing the my parents were paying for it."

So take one from us at NYU; whether you leave or stay in the big city, never stop eating fab food.