We all know getting through the semester at ArtCenter is hard! If we can make it alive at the end, it is a miracle that is for sure. From finding cool coffeeshops to work at or grabbing late night bites, we all can understand the struggles of being an ArtCenter student. That's why we are bringing Spoon to ArtCenter to inspire and encourage maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is Spoon?

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Spoon University

Spoon University is a student led publication for college students on food, lifestyle and health. Through our chapter site, we'll be engaging in different topics from food trends, quick eats and health to name a few. We want to bring you the best recipes, neat kitchen hacks, and discover cool places to eat around campus. For many of us, it is our first time in the kitchen or in Pasadena so we are here to help you explore and be excited about it more.

Why Spoon?

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Julia Hedelman

Not sure what to cook for your date tonight? Need to buy groceries on a budget? Wondering what to eat when you are hungover? What's the latest food trend? Or where to eat comfort food? We have answers to your problems. 

And whether it is helping you whip up a quick easy meal to helping you find a new restaurant to eat out, or even how to grocery shop on a budget, Spoon is a platform for you to explore and get inspired. Through our chapter site, we want to share our knowledge of ArtCenter culture with you. We want to be THE food and health resource for ArtCenter community.

Hang in there

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Amy Cho

With finals around the corner, we all know that means late nights and all nighters. We want to help you get through those hard times with a dose of healthy positive energy if it is through healthy recipes or sharing a cool cafe to take a break at. We hope bringing Spoon to ArtCenter will excite you as it is for us. Our creative team cannot wait to start sharing ArtCenter culture with you (you can apply to join us here!). Good luck on your final projects and remember to eat, drink water, and sleep. We are human after all.