It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a good falafel. Our small college town covers many world cuisines, but Greek food is sadly left out. Seeing as we only got a self-serve froyo location last year, Hanover is a little behind.

Thankfully, a new business venture has brought us The Box, a food truck serving up salads, bowls, and pitas with Greek flair. For Spoon’s first event of the year, we teamed up with Ecovores, a sustainable food group that hosts weekly meals. Usually the meals are homemade, but for this event we chose to have a meal catered by The Box, supplemented with a few dishes of our own.


The Box’s Falafels, Pickled Beets and Sauces
Photo by Jin Lee

The night’s menu consisted of The Box’s fresh and warm falafel, pickled beets and pita breads, complemented by spreads of spicy harissa, tsatsiki and hummus. Our team members also contributed a carrot and pea salad, as well as three desserts: chocolate mousse, a vegan vanilla cake and an apple clafoutis.

After some introductions and mingling, we discussed some of our favorite resources for both food news and food inspiration. Not surprisingly, almost all of us agreed that our first destination is the web. Recipes, cooking tips, and general food knowledge are all easily accessible on our favorite food blogs. Topping the list were Smitten Kitchen, Sprouted Kitchen, Joy the Baker and Oh, Ladycakes. And, of course, our beloved Spoon University.


Photo by Jin Lee

Overall, the event was a great start to our spring term here at Spoon. To our Ecovores friends, we thank you for your company and hospitality. And to our new friends at The Box, we thank you for being the falafel saviors of Dartmouth.

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