If you believe that astronauts consume ice cream in space, you've been lied to. While NASA's Space Hall of Fame stated that "'Astronaut Ice Cream,' only flew in space one time aboard Apollo 7," these claims were refuted according to an investigative report by Vox

It turns out that space ice cream, better known as freeze-dried ice cream, was never included as snack or food item with any planned missions to the moon. 

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Morgan Nielsen

Which space flights had ice cream? 

The only space flight rumored to have had ice cream on list was Apollo 7, but the rumor was shot down when Astronaut Walt Cunningham of Apollo 7 said in an interview that "We never had that stuff."

Morgan Nielsen

What flavors and options does space ice cream come in? 

While space ice cream may not be real, it can still be purchased and enjoyed by consumers with the flavor options of: chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate chips, as a ice cream sandwich or the iconic Neapolitan sandwich that has: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.   

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What was the actual food in the Apollo 7 flight? 

The actual food included in the Apollo missions included beef stew bites and corn chowder, which the flight crew of Apollo 7 reported difficulty preparing for consumption in regards to the official flight record transcript by Nasa

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What foods were provided by the Apollo flight program (collectively)? 

Sources at the National Air and Space Museum, found that the other items included on the Apollo flights included pineapple fruitcake, peaches, beef with vegetables, chocolate pudding, brownies, tea with sugar, beef hash and fruit cereal. 

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What foods did the former Soviet Union offer? 

Similarly, the former Soviet Union—now known as Russia—which was a major competitor to the USA at the time of the Apollo missions space food included vodka, brandy, sauerkraut soup, honey cake, chicken with prunes, candied fruit, black currant juice with pulp, roast beef with mash potatoes but still no mention of freeze dried ice cream at all. 

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Was there ice cream at the International Space Station? 

The only case of ice cream being reported in space was with Blue Bell ice cream that was placed in the freezers of the I.S.S. in 2006 and consumed by the crew in 2012. Since 2012, no other reports of ice cream consumed in space have been reported.

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