We all know that juicing has been a major health craze for years; however, there is much controversy over whether it is actually good for us. Fortunately, there is an alternative to juicing that stands against the ridicule that juicing has faced. Meet souping.

One of the major problems people have identified with juicing is that all the fiber is taken out of the fruits and veggies. This is not at all a concern with souping. Bottles of soup from my favorite brand, ZÜPA NOMA, contain up to 17% of our daily-value for fiber per bottle. I used to be a huge skeptic that a bottle of soup could fill me up, but after drinking about ¾ of the bottle I am already full! This is quite the opposite to juice, which often leaves me feeling hungrier after drinking.

Ariana Pergola

Another concern with juicing is that juices contain high concentrations of sugars. When there is no fiber to balance them out, the sugar is still sugar at the end of the day. Unlike juices, soups are usually entirely made from veggies, so they are naturally low in sugar. For example, the “very veggie” juice from a popular NYC juice brand contains 32g of sugar in one bottle! ZÜPA NOMA’s sweetest soup, Organic Beet Orange Basil, only contains 10g (and still has loads of fiber.)

Another great perk of souping (if you are trying to lose weight) is its low calorie count. Veggies are made up mostly of water, so most soups only contain around 80 calories (and are incredibly hydrating!) That is a huge difference from most juices that contain between 130-260 calories per bottle, without even filling you up.

Ariana Pergola

Craving to do a juice cleanse? Consider doing a soup cleanse! ZÜPA NOMA offers a one, two or three day superfood souping plan meant to gently detoxify the body and help you to feel your best. This is totally unlike juice cleanses that leave you hungry, unsatisfied, and pissed-off at everyone you know because you just want to chew your food. They provide six soups to be drank throughout the day. At breakfast, lunch, and dinner they recommend pairing your soup with mini meals like their “Protein Lettuce Wraps with Almond Butter Sauce” that are specifically designed to complement the soups nutritionally. With ZÜPA, you get to drink your food and chew it too.

ZÜPA NOMA also serves as a versatile ingredient to have in your fridge. On their website, they have a recipe index of ways you can use their soups, from salad dressing to curry to chia seed pudding. I used my ZÜPA NOMA when I had only 20 minutes to prepare something for a family barbecue. I whipped up their Yellow Pepper Habanero Hummus, which sounds complicated but was finished in no time.

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Ariana Pergola

I’m loving keeping ZÜPA NOMA soups in my kitchen as a quick snack, a refresh after an indulgent weekend, or even as an ingredient when I’m in a pinch. I will definitely be stocking up as soon as I get back to school in the fall.