As summer comes to an end, college students are beginning to move back in for another year at school. For women, the first week of school means the long anticipated sorority recruitment week/weekend, depending on the school you attend. It is one of the first exciting, yet stressful events a woman will experience during her college career, if she chooses to go through the process. Although long and exhausting, rush is worth it in the end. 

Like I said before, the process is very tiring. Going from house to house each day and talking to other women who just might end up being your sisters at the end of the week/weekend can be overwhelming. While you may be too nervous to eat during those days (I was definitely guilty of this) it's very important you do. More than likely you will have ten minutes in between your trek from house to house to scarf down something quick. If you're in dire need for some help, here are some fast and somewhat healthy ideas that I wish I had thought of when I was trying to inhale half a piece of a grilled cheese sandwich from the dining hall (ew) which did not fill me up as much as I would've liked.

1. RX Bar

I don't know about you, but I feel so boujee every time I pull an RX bar out of its box. Maybe it's the jaw-dropping price of $6.99 for a box of four or the simplistic wrapping, but I feel like a queen anytime I bite into one. Not only that, but it fills me up and is a good source of protein. This make these bars the perfect snack to stash in your purse and nibble on as you go. 

2. Trail Mix

Trail Mix is always a Target must. You can get a giant jar of it for the price of $8.99. For me, trail mix is the perfect compromise for when you're craving chocolate, but don't want to snack entirely too unhealthy. Plus, a trip to Target to buy this will give you a good excuse to buy those adorable heels that would look great with your dress for philanthropy round. 

3. Belvita 

Although primarily considered a breakfast food, I believe Belvita should be considered an all day snack and a very versatile food. If you have some extra time, grab some yogurt and dip a biscuit in it to spice up the taste. To sweeten the deal, four come in a package. This makes them perfect for sharing and making new friends because trust me, everyone is just as nervous as you so go ahead and offer them a Beloit biscuit - you never know what could come from it. 

4. Bananas and Peanut Butter

Bananas and peanut butter are probably the most underrated, yet delicious, food combination. You can even find to-go packs of peanut butter for only $2.39. It is such a simple snack that provides you with the fiber and protein necessary to help you nail those difficult recruitment questions. 

5. Hummus

Do not let the chickpeas steer you away from eating hummus. I, a very picky eater, was very skeptical to try this snack at first. However, once I dipped a pretzel in it my life was never the same. Hummus is similar to Nutella in that it is a universal dip, but is much healthier and even contains iron. You can literally dip anything in hummus such as pretzels, carrots, celery, crackers, wheat thins, who knows probably even Oreos. The list is endless.  

6. Simply Balanced Fruit Strips

Made with natural ingredients, the Target brand, Simply Balanced, brings you these fruit strips (more like adult fruit roll-ups) that really can't be beat. They come in small packages making them easy to pack away, perfect for surviving a long weekend of sorority recruitment. Plus, they come in a wide variety of flavors ranging from strawberry to apricot. 

7. Harvest Snaps

If you're tempted to snag a bag of chips to get you through the long day, try these instead. Harvest Snaps are made from green peas, which I know is not everyone's favorite, but trust me, is so addicting when in the form of a chip. Not only are these a good source of fiber, but they are also gluten-free.

8. Ben & Jerry's

What better way to treat yourself after a long day than a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Not only is ice cream the perfect snack to unwind with, but it will help to keep your mental health in check during this hectic week. So, when you find yourself anxiously counting down the hours until the next round, pop open some Ben & Jerry's, because you deserve it.

As nervous and excited as you might be for sorority recruitment, make sure you take the time to eat throughout the day because it is just as important as making a good first impression. To anyone rushing this semester or in the future, cherish your journey in finding your home away from home because it is one you will never forget. Good luck!