Things are done differently at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery. From the menu to their company practices, they have totally reinvented breakfast; it’s the usual fare in a completely unusual way. Avocado toast gets gussied up with red onion honey jam, roasted tomato, and citronette dressed greens, while the timeless bacon and egg sandwich dons an everything bagel brioche bun plus green goddess cream cheese. But what’s most buzz-worthy about Snooze is their dedication to helping communities and the planet.

Snoozing with a Cause

90% of Snooze's waste is composted or recycled, which is pretty game-changing considering the restaurant industry creates 915,400 tons of waste each year. Reusable cups and paper straws minimize landfill junk, while energy and water-efficient appliances are the go-to at all locations. Even their take-out supplies, retail, and cleaning products are made from non-toxic materials that are recycled, renewable, and/or reusable. They’re diligent about it too; at every Snooze, specially trained staff known as “Green Captains” are paid extra to stay on top of sustainability goals—everything from sorting trash to asking suppliers if their packaging can be recycled.

Snooze’s social diligence entails strict standards for the food itself. They prefer no antibiotics, added hormones, or confinement in animal products. That means every egg comes from cage-free hens and all pork is ethically raised. Snooze’s compassion extends beyond the kitchen too: 1% of revenue (which was one million dollars in 2019) heads towards local nonprofits. Plus there’s extra love on special occasions like International Pancake Day, when 100% of pancake sales get donated to community gardens. Each Snooze also has a designated “Community Commander” who organizes employee volunteer opportunities and fundraising projects. Currently, the location in Orange, CA, is collaborating with the city’s school district to do storytime via Zoom for kiddos.

Grace Danon

Sunshine Service

Not only do your breakfast bucks get charitably spent, but they pay for a great experience too. Retro fonts and sunrise colors make the dining area irresistibly bright and fun. Add upbeat music plus super friendly servers, and you can’t help but be immersed in good vibes. Assistant Manager of the Orange location, Katie Raley, explained that an essential part of Snooze culture is letting people be themselves. They’re one big family and want both staff and guests to feel at ease. Every server is remarkably enthusiastic, and their attentiveness shows appreciation for every diner. They seem genuinely happy to be there as they engage with guests—a rare find in the restaurant industry. All in all, the best service I’ve ever had.

Grace Danon

Serious Scrumptiousness

You’ll love the “Snoozers” even more when they bring you a piping hot plate of deliciousness. Snooze is known for specialty eggs benedicts, to which an entire portion of the menu is devoted. I know from experience that poaching eggs can be dicey. I don’t know what magic powers the chefs of Snooze possess, but my bennys’ eggs were flawless—delicately cooked whites and fully molten yolks. The Chili Verde Benedict has a rich yet zesty chili verde hollandaise (with just enough heat) smothering a poached egg, tender shredded pork, and a folded tortilla softened by extra sauce. Topped with cotija plus fresh pico de gallo, it’s an egg-cellent way to spice up a benny. Snooze’s Bella! Bella! Benny is another great option. The richness of the egg yolk and hollandaise pair unexpectedly well with a syrupy balsamic drizzle. Rounded out with salty prosciutto and pungent Taleggio cheese, it’s totally delizioso.

And of course, it’s not really breakfast without potatoes or pancakes. Snooze’s well-seasoned Hash Browns come in thick patty form, so interiors stay soft while tops and bottoms get crisp. Their Vegan Pancakes are one of those you’d-never-guess-it’s-vegan items; cake, moist, and fluffy, there's a whisper of mashed banana that makes them just sweet enough all on their own.

Grace Danon
Grace Danon

If you cherish your beauty sleep and breakfast is more like lunch, Snooze has you covered. Their new BLT-riffic sandwich truly is terrific. Sourdough toast sports citrusy arugula, fresh sliced tomato, plus thick-cut bacon—and this is bacon to write home about. With the ideal meat-to-fat ratio, its sweet maple glaze gets a playful kick from red pepper flakes and plenty of cracked black pepper. That sugary spice is offset by cool avocado, bright pickled onion, and an herby aioli. It’s a good thing they’re open every day because the menu is packed with other tempting options.

Grace Danon

If You Snooze, You Can't Lose

My favorite part of dining at Snooze was how I felt after eating. For starters, their selectively sourced ingredients and standards for wholesomeness ensure a meal that leaves you perfectly satisfied, not grossly stuffed. But most importantly, the good they do for the world, their guests, and the local community will infuse you with a “rise and shine” attitude—the attitude that comes from knowing you’ve made a difference just by eating an awesome meal.

Special thanks to Becky Fairchild, Katie Raley, and all Snoozers at the Orange, CA location for their help and insight.