The seven new Halo Top flavors are coming soon to stores near you. Wait, make that 8. Thanks to Spoon UPenn, my friend and I had a good ole collaboration testing these new flavors. Also, a big thank you to Halo Top for sending the new flavors! Check out the video here to watch the testing happen live. Keep on scrolling for the recap.


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Photo courtesy of Halo Top

Best. Flavor. Of. Halo. Top. Ever. I'm starting with Candy Bar because it was the best. It's even better than my old favorite Peanut Butter Cup. It has a delicious chocolate-based ice cream with peanuts, caramel swirl, and happiness all into one of those cute little pints. It rocks and I wish the new flavors would be in stores now. I need more.


sweet, cream, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, milk, coffee
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

My new coffee creamer. Caramel macchiato was my second favorite of the new flavors. It has a good coffee taste. In fact, even those who are not fond of coffee might care to indulge in it. I would appreciate a little more caramel, but what are toppings for, am I right? (Keep in mind I like to go overboard with toppings so that caramel thing might just be a me thing.)


sweet, cream, chocolate, coffee, milk
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

Hint, hint, it tastes spot on considering the label. Chocolate covered banana. Emphasis on the banana. It's a banana base with chocolate swirled in. So if you enjoy naners, this is the flavor for you because the banana flavor is rocking and tasteful. Since this treat is already a healthier alternative to ice cream, I'll throw on some hot fudge and not worry. This would probably be bomb in a protein shake as well. 


sweet, cream, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, milk, coffee
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

Disclaimer: I am allergic to cinnamon and after my own diagnosis, I think I am outgrowing the allergy. With that being said, I was super excited to try this. It is pretty yum with a strong cinnamon flavor and little bits of cinnamon roll pieces that resemble cookie dough. This flavor is pretty true to its cinnamon roll advertising. I enjoyed it and was glad my throat didn't get itchy after. 


chocolate, sweet, milk, coffee
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

I don't even want to talk about it. Disappointed. Sad. Hurt. Angry. I don't even know what to say. I was super fired up for this flavor and it let me down just like The Vow did in 2012. It wasn't anything close to a green tea flavor. It sort of a lemon taste that reminded me of an old lady lemon if you can imagine that. There are alleged mochi pieces somewhere according to the ingredients list, so if you like that, enjoy.

I will say, to be fair, you should try this on your own, and for some odd reason, the first bite of Halo Top doesn't taste quite like the rest. So maybe after 4 or 5 bites, this gets better too. Don't hold your breath though.


coffee, milk, cream, chocolate, sweet
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

This should say on the front pancakes and waffles covered in maple syrup because it's really just a maple flavor. (Which I love as much as I love fall colors.) I like real maple syrup, like from an old man who lives in a log cabin and his life consists of tapping trees, so I can drown my pancakes and waffles (and rice) in syrup.

However, this is not an authentic flavor. This came from a processing plant, so, unfortunately, it has that fake maple syrup taste. If you like Aunt Jemima's, nothing wrong with liking unnatural things, then you'll appreciate this flavor. It wasn't horrible, I just wouldn't buy for myself. 


chocolate, sweet, coffee, cream, milk
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

Mhm, this one was so cute and reminds me of innocent children playing in the sprinkler in the summer. But the taste reminds me of a fruity cocktail on a nice pink beach. It has a bright, fruit flavor that was très enjoyable and refreshing. It's creamier than a typical sherbert. The consistency is closer to an ice cream texture. It's well put together, but unique at the same time and the color scheme is perf for summer. 


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Photo courtesy of Halo Top

Okay, my pumpkin spice lovers here is the flava for you. It has a strong pumpkin flavor. Duh, with all the right spices in all the right places. While enjoyable, I'm not exactly a psycho pumpkin lover so I'm not tweaking out right now, but you never know, the change in the leaves really brings it out of you. Imagine a nice fat scoop over a slice of pumpkin pie. Did you just hear a girl scream at Starbucks holding a PSL while taking her fifth snap story of the day??

Some of the flavors were flops (I'm looking at you Mochi Green Tea. Sit on the bench). But, other flavors really wowed the crowd like my superstar Candy Bar. But, as always, my opinion isn't the end all be all. So, when it hits the shelves, go wild and try them all.

Thanks again to the generosity of Halo Top and big thanks to Spoon UPenn for letting me join in on the fun. If you missed the video, check it out here!