A smoothie can bring together a delicious combination of fruits and vegetables, and our Myers-Briggs personality can bring together an intriguing combination of four letters. In case you're scrolling through this post and wondering what to put inside your Magic Bullet or Blendtec this morning—keep reading! 

To remind you what the Myers-Briggs letters mean, there are eight of them and your personality result gives you a combination of four. Those eight letters are...

E, which stands for extroversion, so think of the most vibrant smoothie on your Insta feed. And I, which stands for introversion, so think of a more natural-looking smoothie that's packed with flavor and nutrition. 

S, which stands for sensing, and calls for a more simple smoothie recipe. And N, which stands for iNtuition, and calls for an innovative smoothie recipe. 

T, which stands for thinking, and drinking a smoothie can clear your mind. And F, which stands for feeling, and drinking a smoothie will give you good vibes to start your day...

...And finally, J, which stands for judging, meaning that you'd better decide what to throw into your blender fast. And P, which stands for perceiving, so play around with all the scrumptious smoothie ingredients. 

Anyway, without further ado, here's the smoothie you should blend: 


Whip out that Magic Bullet, and throw in a bit of spinach, kale, pineapple, apple juice, cucumber and greek yogurt. This smoothie is an optimal way to get all the nutrients your hard-working personality needs in a hurry! We all know you're a natural-born leader so posting your power breakfast to social media will inspire your followers to take care of themselves, too.

#SpoonTip: A green smoothie might be the answer to your fitness goals. 


Time to throw papaya, mango, pineapple and coconut milk into a blender. This smoothie will turn out a bright orange color and will be as popular as you are, if put on social media, no matter how it's served. Like this smoothie, your personality is quite popular no matter what because you're always the brightest, boldest person in a room. 

ESFJ—Strawberry Banana

Will throwing strawberries and bananas with some yogurt into a blender ever go out of style? Nope! This smoothie will taste good no matter what, and even the simplest kind of person will enjoy it. People with your personality type always like to play things simple and cool because they enjoy being that go-to friend for everyone. 

#SpoonTip: Think this smoothie-personality comparison is BS? Think again, your favorite smoothie tells it all.

ESFP—Pineapple Coconut

Like our favorite cocktail, throwing pineapples and coconut milk without alcohol into a blender will taste just as swell as your favorite show-stopping pina colada. People with your personality type are often showstoppers, so people always turn to them for entertainment. Since these smoothies are equally as fun as people like you are, people will always come back to enjoy more. 

ISTJ—Berry Blast

Making a smoothie is as simple as throwing a bit of yogurt and all the world's berries into a blender. This berry blast smoothie is recognizable but fun (no weird ingredients like avocado or chia seeds are necessary). People with your personality like things to be simple and easy to do since their logical sides are quite strong, and this smoothie has a recipe that's pretty much the same way. 

ISTP—Mango Peach

There's no messing around here—all you have to do is throw juice, peach slices, mango chunks and greek yogurt into a blender to make this smoothie. This is pretty much your standard cool-off drink and it'll help you keep your energy up all day. People with your personality love enjoy doing standard things because they're efficient and high-energy people. This smoothie is the same!

ISFJ—Banana Blueberry

This recipe is equally as simple as your classic straw-nana smoothie, except you'll be throwing bloobs instead of strawbs into your blender. This kind of smoothie has a taste that's similar to your comforting and nurturing personality type. And because you love to help others, this smoothie is a great thing to make for yourself and those you care about. 


Alright, wanna know what to throw into your blender if you want a super pink and pretty smoothie? Dragonfruit! While this fruit is thought to be a bit tasteless, you can still blend it with many other delicious fruits to get the prettiest smoothie to show all your Insta followers. People with your personality type know exactly what others might find pretty, and this smoothie is perfect for that. 


No, you don't have to go to a trendy smoothie cafe to enjoy an açaí bowl, you just need to throw frozen açaí juice, banana, oats and apple juice into a blender to do that. This smoothie can be served in a bowl or in a cup, so if your bold and busy personality type doesn't have time for a sit-down smoothie bowl, you can enjoy this on the go. The antioxidants will keep you going all day.


Go ahead and throw some ube (the social media-famous purple yam) into that blender and watch this violet smoothie come to life. This type of smoothie might seem a little bit outside the box to some, but not to someone with such an innovative personality like yours. But don't consider it strange, people like you have the power to promote ube smoothies to the world. 


By throwing an avocado into your smoothie blender, you can be sure your drink will keep you—and everyone else you make it for—full. This smoothie will be filled with healthy fats which give people long-lasting satisfaction and energy. As a people-pleasing personality type, your goal will always be to make sure you give those around you enough. This smoothie will do just that! 

#SpoonTip: Avocado smoothies can do much more than keep you full.


You might need to throw fruit into many different blenders to do this, but knowing you, you're probably having a really hard time knowing which of these smoothies to make. People with your personality type might struggle to make decisions because it's easy for them to get bored. But luckily if they're in need of a smoothie, they can layer multiple flavors in a cute little Mason jar.


How do you find a new way to make a smoothie with your intricate way of doing things? Throw everything but fruit into that high-tech blender of yours and serve it up. This type of smoothie is made out of things like veggies, nut butter, oats and oils. This might sound like a complex recipe to some, but not to one with an intellectual personality like yours.


If you throw guava chunks into a blender, not everyone will like it—but a few will! This smoothie might not be everyone's cup of smooth nor will it be the most popular, but that doesn't mean it's not great. People with your personality type definitely don't try to be popular, but not being everyone's cup of tea doesn't mean they're not great. You and this smoothie can relate!

INFJ—Fruit and Veggie

Throwing a few chunks of fruit and a few chopped veggies into a blender might seem like a contradiction—but it isn't. It's a very delicious kind of smoothie with a lot of nutrients beneath the surface. Your personality is sort of like a mix of everything that contradicts itself, but people still find you interesting because they want to know you beneath your surface. 

INFP—Tropical Blue

Throwing hemp seeds and blue majik into a blender will give your dreamy mind a smoothie you'll fantasize. This smoothie will have a bit of a tropical taste, and it'll look really good on the internet, too. People with your personality type probably do things that seem a little bizarre to some, but at least your dreamy ways are beautiful. This smoothie is weird and beautiful just like your mind! 

Now that you know which smoothie to make, go blend away. And if you're looking for likes and follows on social media, snap a picture of your smoothie and tell people your personality type. We promise all your friends will comment!