I would like to believe that I am not the only person obsessed with Greek yogurt, especially the plain flavoured ones. It serves as the perfect base for toppings. This love however can quickly turn sour in the case of a lactose intolerance.

In comes Kefir, the alternative for the lactose intolerant. However, with a higher price point and a significantly different texture, most of us still find ourselves reaching for Greek yogurt over Kefir.

The Skyr Solution

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Adelodun Olusola-Ajayi

What if I told you that there is a yogurt that can be lactose free with the same texture as Greek yogurt? I believe I just gave all foodies out there the perfect New Year present. I like to think of this yogurt as the baby Greek yogurt and Kefir would’ve had.

Skyr (skeer-er) is an Icelandic style yogurt traditionally made from milk that is separated from its cream. This skim milk is then heated with a starter that is traditionally a bit of a previous skyr. After curds form, the whey is drained and the thick sour yoghurt is formed.  In this part of the world it is classified as yogurt; but in Iceland, it is actually cheese.

Different variations of Skyr exists, including a lactose and full fat option. It is therefore imperative to read the label correctly before buying to make sure you select the right kind. It is readily available in American grocery stores from brands like Siggis and Smari

while in Canada it is available under the President's Choice brand.

Health Benefits

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Taylor Treadway

In regards to Skyr’s health benefits, because it is produced with four times more milk than regular yoghurt, a 6 oz container of skimmed milk Skyr contains about 17g of protein which is 3 times more than regular yoghurt and a couple grams more than greek yoghurt.

Due to the live culture used in its production, it is packed with tons of probiotics which helps to balance out the microbes in our guts. Just like any dairy product, Skyr is also very high in calcium which helps to improve bone density.

The Taste Test

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Grace Cha

Make of the facts however you please, but Skyr is definitely the winner for me because of its texture/taste. As much as I like Greek yogurt, some brands are just too sour. This results in a lot of unnecessary sweeteners, which defeats the purpose of plain greek yogurt. However, Skyr has a consistency similar to that of a soft serve ice-cream- thick, smooth with a natural sweetness that just completely melts in your mouth with each spoonful.

On a final note, if you aren’t sold on Skyr yet, I need to mention that its price point is relatively the same as that of Greek yogurt so why not be adventurous and add something new to your grocery list?