On February 22nd, Skittles launched a brand new product that would change my life forever: Skittles Gummies. I was fortunate enough to receive a package from the company with their weird and wild innovation (in both flavors - Original and Wildberry). Although I tore through the treats, I was sure to savor each bite, as these gummies are not an experience you want to miss.

As a long-time Skittles fanatic, I was a little apprehensive in courting a new candy. After all, why reinvent the wheel? Skittles have been a long-time staple of movie theatres, Halloween goody bags, and everything in between, new flavors here and there were warranted to switch it up, but a whole new medium of Skittle? Now, this is unprecedented. Still, for the sake of candy lovers everywhere, I pledged myself to my research and tried the gummies.

Boosting the Original Flavors

I hesitate in saying that the Skittles Gummies are superior to the original, but there is a significant upgrade for many of the flavors in their pack. Almost instantly, I was able to identify a tanginess to the candy that had never been there before. The lemon made my mouth legitimately water, and the green apple tasted so much like a Granny Smith it was downright uncanny. Even the grape had the same mouthwatering effect.

Strangely, but not unpleasantly, the orange candy reminded me of the kind of lollipop you would bring back from the doctor's office. It was incredibly sweet but well-balanced by the aforementioned tartness. The orange gummy definitely surged to my top of the flavor rankings with its nostalgic taste and the perfect amount of sugar.

I've never been as partial to the Wild Berry flavoring, but I did notice definite upgrades that encouraged me to go through more than one pack of the Skittles Gummies. The melon berry flavor was a standout, similar to the Original's lemon and grape, with its sweet and sour combo pushing the flavoring over the edge.

A New Juiciness That Can't Be Beat

Skittles Gummies brought a whole lot of weird with them, one of the standouts being the perceived juiciness of the gummies themselves. It was like the candies were erupting in my mouth, but it might've been the mouthwatering nature of the tart candies.

Despite how strange it was, I certainly wasn't complaining. The juiciness added an extra level to the flavors of the gummies, elevating it to the same spot on the candy hierarchy as the original, hard Skittles.