When I say that my sister has a pad of paper strictly dedicated to a list of restaurants, I am not kidding. Perfectly organized in two rows, there are more than 100 restaurants alone listed in her New York City section.

When we are both home for break, we know it is that time where we fully prepare ourselves to have the best food babies of our lives. 

The Preparation

Lauren Lamothe

My parents often get frustrated with us when we spend hours on the couch going through countless menus trying to decide which suits our mood for our upcoming city day. This day HAS to entail two things: a bomb savory meal and a killer extraordinary dessert; no if, ands, or butts allowed. 

I often have a lot to say when it comes to the dessert end of things (my sweet tooth is out of control). I also always make sure that she is aware that the phrase "sharing is caring" goes out the window when it comes to this. 

Day 1: Plan  

Lauren Lamothe

On this particular break we planned two different days. The first day, to close 2016, we made our way to Epistrophy for brunch and Little Cupcake Bakeshop for dessert.

In between, we walked around the NoHo/SoHo area. We took pictures at the fun murals, walked to the Brooklyn Bridge, and most importantly, chatted away about our lives and how much we love our sister days (corny af).

Day 1: The Official Food Recap 

My first reaction to Epistrophy was the design aesthetic. Cozy and comfortable with wooden tables and chairs, anyone would want to spend their entire day there. We had stalked their Instagram prior and already knew we were about to go in on the Zucchini Fritters. Surprise surprise, they did not disappoint. 

The two of us had waited our whole foodie careers for this moment. Around 4 PM we made our way to Little Cupcake Bakeshop to indulge in the #1 chocolate cake in the U.S. by Food and Wine. Let me tell you, this ranking is SPOT on. 

tea, wine, coffee, beer
Lauren Lamothe

This cake is moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache AND chocolate buttercream, made with Dutch-process cocoa from Holland, semisweet Belgian chocolate and vanilla beans topped with two types of chocolate icing. My words in response to the first bite were "mic drop."

Day 2: Plan 

Our second trip after ringing in the New Year was centered around a trip to The Whitney museum. We also were really craving tacos so we were feelin' the Mexican food vibes as our savory meal.

Day 2: The Official Food Recap 

We decided on Rosie's for lunch and yet again this was a winner with the aesthetic. Not only that but I think they were the best tacos I've ever eaten thus far. We did an order of 6 to split and to be honest, I could've eaten 12.  

We got 2 Al Pastor, which was Spit Roasted Marinated Pork with Pineapple and Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa. 2 Pescado, which was beer battered cod, cabbage-jalapeno slaw topped with chipotle-lime mayo. 2 Calabaza, which was roasted butternut squash, tomato and charred. Unbelievable. 

lobster, avocado, tacos
Lauren Lamothe

Obviously, our desire to go to The Whitney was not only to experience the beautiful art but the beautiful Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie with Milk that you have all seen blowing up on Instagram. In our rating, this chocolate chip cookie takes the #3 spot behind Levain and City Cakes. So, you should all go ASAP.

sweet, chocolate
Lauren Lamothe

After our days have wrapped up, we often say the same thing to each other: "there is no one else I'd rather do all of this with." Not only is the food spectacular but the time I get to spend alongside my best friend being ridiculous over the food we love and about life is my favorite part of it all. Being a foodie is 10 times as fun when you have your sister to be one with.