This week, we learned jam is more powerful than we thought.

ICYMI, Shakira and former football (or soccer) player Gerard Piqué split in 2022 after 12 years as a couple. According to Show News, Shakira discovered her ex was cheating when she found missing jam from her strawberry jam jar. On an average day, few would notice missing contents like this, though, the same article notes that Piqué never eats jam and doesn’t like it. 

In her recent music video for “Te Felicito” featuring Rauw Alejandro, Shakira *kinda* confirmed this with a scene depicting her opening the fridge to find Alejandro’s head in the fridge surrounded by various jars.

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact brand of strawberry jam in question — I would love to snack on the jam Shakira snacks on. But it doesn't matter. All fruit preserves are sacred condiments and must never be shared without permission. Stay tuned for Shakira’s upcoming album, which is sure to unleash more hints at her and Piqué’s relationship.

The Perfect Mystery For A Future Film

We’ve found the next plot point for Rian Johnson’s third installment following Glass Onion. Benoit Blanc, make sure to check the fridge before you do anything else. 

Duolingo pulling no punches, like always

If there’s one type of jam that tastes better with peanut butter than a robust strawberry selection… it’s def this one. 

Doja Cat is a true inspiration

This bright red ensemble from Paris Fashion Week was gorgeous and instantly iconic from the “Say So” singer. However, it was timed perfectly for pop culture stories to collide.

What about the blueberries?

All of the other fridge items must’ve been terrified to see a new woman pick up the sacred jar.

My Jam Don’t Lie

Two things you should never ever mess with.

#SpoonTip: If you are starting to crave jam, you can easily make some at home with this recipe and your favorite locally-picked or store-bought strawberries. 

The perfect video that just makes sense

Katy Perry, you will always be famous. And Shakira, you will also always be famous and should keep your jam in a personal fridge.

Counting scoops

Is it just me, or did this whole experience unlock a new paranoid habit to check your butter, jam, etc. levels? I have to start using a pen to mark the outside of containers. 

Babe, are you OK?

*Insert baby face crying emoji here*

Shakira singing “Flowers”

Miley Cyrus released her single-girl anthem at the *chef’s kiss* perfect time. If Shakira needs any reassurance, she has the right tune to get her through.

Explorin’ the jar

Little did Shakira know that her “She Wolf” music video would have a viral resurgence. Truly, it’s a great song, and I will stream it on loop for several days to pay for her missing scoops.