As the temperature drops and the dawn of winter approaches, we can't help but reminisce on the wonder that is, or better yet was, apple season. Besides pumpkin spice everything, apple season is what I look forward to most as the summer dwindles away. Now we all know the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and sure for some, that can be a good enough reason to love Apple season, but here are 7 other reasons that make apple season the best season of all and one to continue celebrating long into winter. 

1. Apple Health Benefits

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Carolina Licalzi

Apples provide all sorts of health benefits. From , reducing risk of stroke, diabetes, breast cancer, and lowering LDL (the bad stuff), to even offering a good source of fiber, apples are a nutritionist's star student. Hmm seems like apples really might keep the doctor away.

2. Apple Picking

Now, for those of you who do not like apples, apple season can still be for you. Apple picking is a much better way to spend a Saturday with friends than just sitting around watching Netflix. Apples are easy and fun to pick and plus you could always do it for the insta like she did.

3. Apple cider donuts

Wow. ok. I don't even know where to begin. If you have never had an apple cider donut, get off your butt and go find some, because seriously you need these in your life. Nothing can compare to the warm bite of a soft and freshly made donut with a splash of apple.

4. Apple Pie

Apple pie screams Thanksgiving, but you don't have to wait till November to enjoy this decadent treat. Use some of your apples from apple picking to whip up a warm pie. Your friends will come flooding to your dorm room from the radiating smell.

#SpoonTip: Always, and I mean ALWAYS serve topped with vanilla ice cream. You'll thank me later.

5. Caramel Apples

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Carolina Licalzi

Just because we may not be children anymore, doesn't mean we cannot enjoy this childhood treat. Caramel apples are meant for all. The crunch of the apple combined with the smooth sweet taste of caramel, I mean you just cannot beat it. You can even find small to-go cups of caramel at your local grocery store which are a perfect for a mid day sugar rush.

6. Apple Chips

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Christine Pritula

Looking for a new healthy snack or trying to finish your apples before they go bad? Check out this recipe for . These will change your whole snacking game during a Netflix binge session. Potato chips are so last year.

7. New Toast Combo

C'mon its 2016. We all obsess over the newest toast combinations. Although apples are not the most common toast topping, they offer an additional crunch and nutrition boost to your toast. Imagine this: all piled together. My taste buds are watering. Try this as a quick breakfast or even a pre or post workout snack.

I hope these 7 reasons will persuade you to love apple season as much as I do, and to continue to celebrate it even though the trees are barren and snow is just around the corner. Apple season came and left but it will forever be in our hearts! Long live apple season!