No matter the weather, ice cream is consistently a popular dessert enjoyed by many. For some, life without ice cream is unimaginable (sorry for those of you who are lactose intolerant). One thing is for certain: there's no shortage of places around the country to grab a cone. With so many locations of creameries comes a ton of different ways to serve ice cream.

On a Cone

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Monica Jeon

Ice cream on a cone is probably one of the most well-known ways to serve up a scoop. From cake to sugar to waffle, cones come in a variety of flavors that keep everyone satisfied.

On a Stick

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Megan Clarkson

Unlike cones, you can't eat the sticks when you're finished. These ice cream bars are classic ice cream truck and grocery store staples. Chances are, they were definitely a part of your childhood. 

In a Sundae

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Caroline Ingalls

Ice cream sundaes are the perfect treat to share with your friends and family. You get all the extravagant toppings without the following stomachache, unless, of course, you decide to go solo.

In a Sandwich

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Caroline Ingalls

A personal favorite of mine, ice cream sandwiches combine two favorite desserts at once. The best part? When the cookies are warm and you have to try to beat the clock or face a dripping, delicious mess.

In a Taco

Dylan Barth

Resembling a mix between the cone and sandwich, ice cream tacos are a fun way to get a crispy shell with every bite. You can even make them at home for an easy but impressive dessert.


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Caroline Ingalls

Rolled ice cream is a newly popular way to serve ice cream. You literally watch your ice cream being made in front of you with fruit, chocolate, or whatever your heart desires as a topping being chopped up and mixed into the ice cream base.

Then, it's smoothed out, rolled up, and plopped into your cup, completed with amazing toppings.

In a Milkshake

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Jayna Goldstein

It seems like milkshakes have been around forever but recently, over-the-top creations from places like Black Tap have created a new craze. It's hard to imagine finishing one of them, but you're bound to rack up the likes on Instagram if you dare to wait in line for it.

In a Cake

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Arden Sarner

I'd be shocked if you hadn't had an ice cream cake at a birthday party before. These are popular among people who aren't really into traditional cake but still have to satisfy their guests.


Fried ice cream

jaycross on Flickr

Fried ice cream has been associated with both Asian and Mexican dining. It's made by coating a freezing ball of ice cream with some type of coating then quickly frying it. Despite being fried, the ice cream remains cold and is ready to be eaten fresh out of the fryer.

Spaghetti Eis


Mike Knell on Flickr

No, this shockingly isn't real spaghetti. This German ice cream dish is supposed to mimic the delicious Italian food by sending vanilla ice cream through a potato ricer, then topping it with strawberry sauce and white chocolate shavings.

Baked Alaska

Brooke Daly

Baked Alaska one-ups an ice cream cake. The ice cream and cake, as a whole, are coated with a layer of meringue that insulates the ice cream and magically allows the cake to bake without melting.

In Bread

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Annie Mester

It's hard to imagine ice cream being made into bread, but it's surprisingly easy. With only a couple ingredients and an endless amount of flavor possibilities, this creation is a game-changer.

From tacos to bread, people have dreamed up a crazy amount of ways to serve ice cream. One thing is for sure: in any form, ice cream is always delicious.