Let's get real, I am all about spicy cocktails. With that being said,  ‘Merican Mule may have just made my new favorite drink. The canned Moscow Mule brand announced its newest seasonal canned cocktail, the Fire Mule. The beverage consists of a hint of spice, Bourbon whiskey, proprietary ginger beer, and all-natural cinnamon. With zero artificial flavorings, this malt-free drink has me all kinds of excited.

This new flavor is accompanied by five other canned cocktails including: Moscow Mule (vodka), Mexican Mule (tequila), Tropical Mule (rum), Southern Mule (bourbon), and seasonal Pumpkin Spice Mule (vodka). No doubt that tequila one is screaming my name. The brand encourages fans to enjoy their canned cocktails cold and straight from the copper can for the full experience using #CopperMugOptional.

Fire Mule is available at retail locations such as Total Wine & More, Bevmax, Whole Foods, and Target in New England and the Southern U.S. The beverage is also available on the company’s website for $15. This drink will definitely ~spice~ up my holiday gifts this year.