The holidays are stressful enough, and Spoon HQ is here to make them a little easier for you. We've compiled a list of all of the food gifts your family will love for the holidays. If you forget to buy presents until the week before—like me—these brands have got your back and your stomachs.

1) Mrs. Fields Heartfelt Holiday Gram 

 Mrs. Fields

Holiday Gram,, $40, shop now 

I am already drooling over these cookies. Mrs. Fields Heartfelt Holiday Gram is the perfect gift if you are looking to give the fam a warm treat, and a piece of your heart;) These 9" freshly-baked cookie cakes can be delivered right to your door. Available now, the company has sweet Thanksgiving deals at 25% off, a deal for National Cookie Day at 40% off, and 25% off from December 7th through the remainder of the month. I don't know about you, but I am ALL over this delicious offer.

2) Holiday Sips Gift Box


Sugarfina Holiday Boxes,, $70, shop now

This is the gift your friends will be obsessed with. Sugarfina has partnered up with Omaha Steaks for the ultimate candy gift boxes. My personal favorite includes Cranberry Cocktail, Spiked Eggnog, and Espresso Martini candies. The kit also includes a dark chocolate and a white chocolate peppermint chocolate bar. Let me tell you firsthand, this is a gift box worth buying. They also have the Champagne Gift Box, Rose All Day, Cocktail Hour, and more. Delicious AND high quality for sure. 

3) Oath Pizza Meal Kits

Oath Pizza

Pizza Meal Kits,, $99, shop now 

Calling all pizza-lovers, your manifestations just came true. You can now order Oath Pizza Meal Kits to be delivered to your (or a loved one's) front door. Gift givers can choose from a variety of pizza kit options including vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. The brand has 4 or 6-pizza packs that consist of: the Bestseller Pizza Pack, the Classic Cheese Pizza Pack, or the Choose Your Own. I have now found my parent's meals for the next few days.

4) OreoiD

OreoiD,, $50, shop now

Customize your OWN Oreo? Done. The brand has come out with the OreoiD for the holidays and it is genius. You can pick your creme, dip, and sprinkles preferences. The best part is that you can put a message on the cookie or an image of your choice! Now that is what I call a foodie gift.

5) United Sodas of America Variety Pack

United Sodas

United Soda Packs,, $35, shop now 

Taste the rainbow through this United Sodas Variety 12-Pack. If you have someone who can never choose a beverage flavor and wants to try them all; this is the gift for them. With only 30 calories, no artificial ingredients and organic sweeteners, United Sodas offers several theme packs that fit your taste buds. From flavors like Cherry Pop to Gingery Ale, you are in for a holiday treat.

6) The Book of Christmas Cookies  

Harry and David

Christmas Cookie Box,, $35, shop now

Your cookie dreams have now come true. This is the ultimate foodie gift for anyone with a major sweet tooth. With 38 cookies, The Book of Christmas Cookies includes: shortbreads, oatmeal-apple cookies, gingerbread sandwich cookies and more. Cheryl's Cookies are kicking it up a notch with a Happy Holidays Cookie Card, The 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Box, and Harry & David have the Christmas Cookie Collection. Your cookie-loving friends will go crazy for these offers!

7) Pipcorn Truffle Holiday Pack


Pipcorn Holiday Pack,, $24, shop now

Tis' the season for holiday snack-packs, and I am so ready for it. Launching on December 6th, Pipcorn is offering a pack that includes: 2 Heirloom Truffle Popcorns, 2 Heirloom Truffle CornDippers, and 2 new Heirloom Truffle Crunchies. This is not only an easy gift, but it is also sure to be a crowd-pleaser. If you are not a fan of the Truffle pack, Pipcorn also has Sea Salt Popcorn, Cheddar Cheese BallsCheddar Crackers, and more. I will definitely be popping by their website for some gift inspo. 

8) Milk Bar Holiday Set 'The Pepp Rally'

Milk Bar Store

Holiday Set,, $80, shop now 

If any of my family members read this, I have found my dream gift. This Milk Bar Holiday Set, The Pepp Rally, will fulfill all of your minty dessert cravings. This 6-inch Peppermint Bark Cake is a dark chocolate cake finished off with silky fudge, creamy peppermint frosting, and crunchy cocoa crumbs. If that didn't convince you, just know that the set comes with a Peppermint Pretzel Snap Tin (6-count). These cookies consist of a dark chocolate cookie, pretzel, and gooey caramel. If peppermint isn't your forte, check out their website for more holiday options. BRB, grabbing my debit card.

9. Heinz Pickle Ornament


Ornament,, $22 shop now

Ok so technically, this isn't food that you can eat, but in my mind, it still counts. Heinz is here for all of your merch needs. From mittens to sweaters, and even this adorable ornament, you can gift your Heinz loving bestie something they actually want this year. 

You are now ready to conquer the holidays and impress the family with some delicious gifts. Treat yourself and your loved ones because, let's face it, everyone deserves it this year.