Most of us don'y really pay attention to seasonality much when it comes to our diets. Fruit is one part of our diets that definitely should change with the seasons. Fruits that are in season are tastier, have better texture and vibrance, and offer amazing nutritional benefits that you never would expect. Keep reading to see which seasonal summer fruit you need to add to your summer diet.


Watermelon is the first fruit that comes to mind when I think summer, and rightfully so. Watermelon has a ton of water (what a surprise) and electrolytes, which will keep you hydrated and energized to beat the summer heat. Plus, it might be time to ditch your expensive anti-aging products this summer - watermelons have antioxidants that help to fight free radical damage, which can cause changes to your DNA and enhance the appearance of aging. I don't know about you, but I'm already running out the door to buy six watermelons.

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Lexi Nickens


Pineapples are basically dessert, the kind of fruit where if your mom told you to eat fruit instead of dessert, you wouldn’t be mad. Aside from tasting sweet, fresh, and tart during the summer, they are also full of nutrients such as vitamin C (great for your immunity) and manganese and bromelain, which have been shown to help fight cancer. They’re usually grown in Hawaii, Florida, and Puerto Rico, so they’re readily available in all parts of the country.

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Rose Gerber


If prefer your desserts sweet, not tart like pineapples, then mango is the dessert fruit for you. Mangoes are grown in Florida and California, but most mangoes you encounter in the summer are imported from Mexico. This wide geographical production means they can be found on all coasts of the country. Besides being the tastiest, juiciest, and perfectly sweet fruit, mangoes are also magical asthma fighters (they have a lot of beta-carotene, which has been shown to lower risk of developing asthma) and protect against colon, prostate, and breast cancer, among other cancers (again due to beta-carotene). Enjoy them with a spoon or try one of these yummy summer mango recipes.

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Gabby Quintana


I’ve tried a lot of cherries, and the bland ones from your local Target or grocery store don’t even compare to the fresh, juicy, bright cherries you can get from farmer’s markets or local growers in the summertime, especially in my home state of Michigan. Although cherries are grown in many northwestern states, most cherries are actually grown in Michigan. If you live in Michigan or want to take a fun week or weekend summer getaway from a nearby state, soak up the sun and beach waves in Traverse City, Michigan, while attending the National Cherry Festival or going cherry picking at one of the local farms. You can eat while you pick and fill up your basket to your heart’s desire - summer doesn’t get much better than that. Either way, definitely buy cherries from your local markets this summer.

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Jocelyn Hsu


Strawberries are great all year round, but fresh strawberries in the summer are infinitely better than some of the bland strawberries you get in the off-season in large grocery stores. They’re sweeter, smaller, and thus juicier, and can be found growing all over the United States (although Florida and California are the top producers). If you’re in states like California, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, and New York, head to a strawberry farm and go strawberry picking. There is nothing better than biting into the perfectly sweet and juicy strawberry that you just picked on a warm summer day. Plus, the vitamin C in strawberries will help you fight all the aging and skin damaging results you’re likely experiencing from being in the bright summer sun every day.

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Becky Hughes

Whether you are a big fruit eater or not, seasonal fruits should definitely become an essential part of your diet. Fresh fruits in season, especially if they're grown locally, are juicier, more intensely colored, taste sweeter, and have so many natural nutrients and benefits - ranging from anti-aging, asthma prevention, and cancer management. Instead of chasing these benefits with expensive products, try eating these seasonal summer fruits instead!