I'm sure by now, you've all been initiated into the concept of a meal subscription kit. From Blue Apron to HelloFresh, these subscriptions send boxes or bags of pre-portioned ingredients and instructions, helping amateur chefs (or total kitchen disasters) learn their way around a recipe to create something not just edible, but delicious. And now, with HelloFresh's new Dinner 2 Lunch™ box, they can turn leftovers into a whole second meal.

What Exactly is Dinner 2 Lunch?

Dinner 2 Lunch is a curated box that teaches you how to make one dish for dinner, then repurpose it into another dish using a few extra ingredients so you can have lunch the next day as well. Basically, its a new form of meal prep a-la subscription box.

How Does it Work?

At night, you make a dish following the instructions from HelloFresh and using the ingredients they provide. Then, when you're done and are ready to pack up your leftovers, instead you follow a new set of ingredients to make another meal and take it to work the next day.

For example, one night you could be making a delicious Chorizo Beef Chili, and the next day, that Chili becomes the impetus for a Chili Burrito for the next day. Or Honey Sriracha Pork Chops could soon become a Bahn Mi Sandwich.

Voila! No more sad office lunches or spending extra money on a boring salad.

How Do They Do It?

Normally, I'd say a chef never reveals his tricks, but since they're laid out in your instructions, here are some extra tips from the good people at HelloFresh in case you want to try your hand at repurposing for yourself.

1. Make it a wrap 

"Any extras can easily roll right into a burrito for a satisfying lunch the next day. It tastes even better once the... spices have had some time to mesh!"

2. Make Enough Protein for Two, So You Can Make it into Two Meals

"Prepare twice as much protein as needed and use the leftovers in creative lunches like quick stir fry noodles or rice dishes, chopped salads, sandwiches, or even flatbreads. For example, roast a whole chicken and serve half one day, then use the remaining chicken throughout the week for other creative and quick meals."

3. Grains = Good

"Use grains like rice, quinoa, farro and couscous that hold over well as sides. These all microwave well the next day and are perfect for fast grain bowls and healthy side dishes. They can even be eaten cold when tossed in a salad with simple veggies and dressing."

Armed with these new tips, and the possibility of a new kit (they came out May 21, and are available to order now), you can be sure you won't be going hungry. Can't wait to see what you do with your mealkit!