A couple of weeks ago I was walking in Union Square, New York City, and a girl stopped me by asking, "Would you like to try Hello Fresh?" I decided to give her a chance to explain to me what Hello Fresh was and here's what I found out—it's food, service, and taste—surely worth a try.

Fresh is the Key

peanut, broccoli
Giulia Baldini

Hello Fresh is a food delivery service that provides three different types of meal plans: classic, veggie, and family packages. Each plan includes a variety of choices and recipes. The company's key element is the freshness of its ingredients—hence the name.

What's Inside a Box

zucchini, tomato, pepper, cucumber, vegetable, salad
Giulia Baldini

The packages delivered containing all of your ingredients are quite large. They are full of perfectly picked, pre-measured ingredients to go with your recipes. Since the food is really fresh, it is better to cook your meals right away. The expiration date may vary, but it is generally between five to six days after delivery.

Tip: In preparation for cooking, make sure you have all the basic kitchen tools needed, such as pots, pans, and a strainer. Also, open up a nice, clean space where you can prepare your meals.


Each single meal costs less than $10, depending on what the meal plan is. If you happen to have a promo code, you can get a discount for your first meal plan purchased. 

Simple steps

salad, vegetable
Giulia Baldini

The recipes that Hello Fresh provides are generally very simple and easy to cook. In order to get the best outcome though, you are supposed to spend time and commit to the cooking activity. Preparing healthy dishes requires patience. 

Tip: Plan how many people you will be preparing food for ahead of time. If you make too much food, store it in plastic containers inside your fridge or freezer. This way, you'll be able to save a meal for the next couple of days.

Convenient and Tasty

cheese, quinoa, salad
Giulia Baldini

I tried the veggie plan, which I believed was worthwhile. The vegetables were seasonal and in good shape. I'll definitely be trying the other plans and I look forward to learning other exquisite recipes. 

Customers may pause the delivery service whenever they want, giving you full control over the subscription. Thanks to the large variety of choices, a Hello Fresh customer should never get bored with their recipes. Once the original subscription is over, costumers are able to change plans and try something new. I don't think your tummy will regret that!