We’ve seen more and more plant-based options throughout the year, but perhaps our favorite plant-based product is Eclipse ice cream. I already can’t get enough ice cream, even if it is the middle of winter and Eclipse has made enjoying ice cream much more sustainable. Plant-based ice cream doesn’t have to sacrifice flavor to create a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical food system, thanks to Eclipse. With three classic flavors and over 10 chef-inspired creations, you won’t get burnt out on this delicious frozen treat.

Eclipse uses a blend of plants, non-GMO flavors, and no gels, gums, stabilizers, or antibiotics to make their ice cream. Not to mention that these pints use less water, less land, and emit less greenhouse gas emissions than regular dairy products do. Requiring no sacrifice to taste, texture, or functionality -- trust me on this one.

You can try all 14 varieties of your new favorite plant-based treat by going online to eclipsefoods.com. Make sure to try the Cookie Butter, Chocolate, Vanilla, or one of the many chef-crafted options. You can also find Eclipse at over 70 stockists nationwide. Say hello to your new bff, and goodbye to more pollution and waste, thanks to Eclipse.