It's getting awfully close to that time of year when the most jovial recluse we know will make his annual jaunt around the globe. It's quite the trek for one person to make. And judging from his orbit—kept only in check because of that valuable sash—Santa does not stray too far from the couch in the offseason.

Therefore, it is up to us to fuel him on that fateful night. And we do so by leaving him out treats that he can take after his delivery. He considers it an energetic tip for his services. However, not all of us leave him the same things. What we do choose to leave out can tell us a lot about who we think we are.

Coffee and a Donut: Practical

sweet, coffee, tea
Jayna Goldstein

So, you left Santa a cup of coffee and a donut to go with it. You, my friend, are a shrewd operator. It only makes sense that Santa will need some energy as he travels around the globe. Be careful, though, if it is decaf you are nothing more than a crazy person who enjoys the suffering of others! Also, keep in mind that the donut choice is important. Plain: boring. Crème-filled: not wise (there is no bathroom on the sled). Glazed: just right. 

Carrots and Celery: Health Guru

vegetable, carrot
Jayna Goldstein

You chose carrots and celery to leave out for Santa, huh? Coal for you! Have you ever seen Santa? He is not one to waste time with vegetables when he is raging the night away. In fact, he is never one for vegetables. I understand you might be concerned about his health, but please. You thought Jennifer Aniston has aged well? Not even in Kringle’s league. Leave the healthy stuff for your office party.

Chocolate Chip/Sugar Cookies: Traditionalist

peanut, chocolate, butter, cookie
Jayna Goldstein

You don’t like to rock the boat. I can respect that. Better safe than sorry. Makes sense. However, Santa has been doing this for a while. You don’t think he might be a little tired of chocolate chip? Or sugar? A sugar cookie says nothing more than that you do not believe in Santa, and are the most boring person to ever exist. Get better.

Gingerbread: Festive and Spicy

molasses, pastry, candy, chocolate, gingerbread, sweet, cookie, ginger
Jayna Goldstein

You feel good this time of the year, don’t you? The temps start to drop, maybe there is some snow on the ground. Hey, maybe you surprise your guests with what you put in that eggnog. Whatever it is that gets you going, this is the time of year when you truly shine. Santa knows that gingerbread is under-appreciated. He notices your choices and will keep you in mind next year.

Funfetti Cookies: The Life of the Party

pastry, sweet, cookie, candy, cake
Jayna Goldstein

You, my friend, are an individualist. Everyone says go right, you go left. Putting pants on one leg at a time? Yeah, right! Try two—with no hands. You left Santa a magical treat, one that he might even share with his reindeer. He respects your boldness, even though he, himself, might waver in the face of conformity. When there is a bass thump coming from the sky on Christmas Eve, we will all know whose house Santa just left from. Keep on keeping on.

#SpoonTip: kick these up a notch, and make Funfetti cheesecake cookie cups.

Consider your treats wisely, not only for Santa’s sake, but for yours as well. 364 days is a long time to wait.