Watching Christmas movies has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. From Elf, to Love Actually, to all of those cheesy Hallmark movies, I love them all. But one of the Christmas films I especially look forward to each year is The Santa Clause, along with its two sequels. I usually munch on Christmas cookies and sip hot cocoa when I watch the movies. This year, though, I'll be switching it up and will be playing this Santa Clause drinking game with my friends as we binge the films. Bookmark this so you can play along, too.

Take a sip when...

Neil wears one of his ugly sweaters.

Let's be honest, though. His vintage sweaters would probably be in style today.

Someone mentions milk and cookies.

It's the best Christmas snack combo, especially for Santa.

Bernard the Elf makes a bossy comment.

While he may be a bit sassy, he does get the job done.

You see a mythical holiday creature.

For example, when the Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, the Sandman or the Tooth Fairy AKA the Molanator pop up on the screen.

Someone mentions hot cocoa.

Hot cocoa beats out eggnog every time.

Finish your drink when...

A new function is discovered on the sled.

The instant milk and cookies is still the handiest function, though.

Charlie shakes his snow globe.

The more he shakes the snow globe, the room will become shakier for you, too.

Anyone receives a gift.

It's Christmas time, after all, so the more gifts, the merrier.

You see a reindeer.

There's nine in total, but 10 if you include Chet. Good luck with that one!

Charlie gets in trouble at school.

Regardless of whether it's for saying the word "elves" or spray-painting the gym.

Take a shot when...

Anyone says Santa isn't real.

Take a second shot if it's coming from Neil. We don't have time for Debby Downers.

Santa squeezes down the chimney.

I'm still confused on how he was able to do this, but I'm not questioning it.

Scott's beard reappears (or, in the case of the second movie, disappears).

This is one of the most magical parts of the movies, tbh.

If you're looking to add some extra festive fun to your Santa Clause viewings this year, try out this drinking game. But, be warned: If you're binging all three films at the same time, things will go downhill fast.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support underage or binge drinking.