It's been two years since Sam Hunt has released new music, and that fact is reason enough to need a drink. "Drinkin' Too Much" is by far the most depressing Sam Hunt song yet, another reason to need a drink. The song was released with one specific listener in mind, and all guys need to take notes.

The song is an apology to his now fiancée, and honestly it feels more like a voicemail that we're all waiting for. So how do we get through the song that makes us feel all of the feelings? We drink a little too much. 

"Since you're even gone, I can't get gone enough." 

Sara Tane

If you're trying to dance on the line between having one too many and having nowhere near enough, you should try a Spicy Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita. This combination of pineapple, white tequila, triple sec, sugar, jalapeños, and lime will be all you need to make the lines blur and the memories fade. 

"I'm on top of the world, I'm going down." 

sweet, cocktail, ice
Caroline Early

If you're trying to feel on top of the world, then Frosé is all you need. This frozen combination of rosé, lemon juice, sugar, water, and ice will have you feeling like the fanciest one at the party. Also, nothing says "I wish I was single during the summer" like a frozen drink.  

"I'm gonna drink it all 'til you're not around."

vodka, alcohol, martini, tequila, lime, cocktail
David Wu

If you're drinking to forget, then the only thing you need to be reaching for is a Death in the Afternoon. The ingredients call for one chilled bottle of champagne, somewhere from a half an ounce to an once of absinthe, and one to two teaspoons of sugar. You'll only need one to forget the object of your affection's name.  

"Wonderin' if it was ever okay to lie, 'cause I knew the truth would make you want die." 

beer, wine, cocktail, whisky, liquor, ice, alcohol
Cecilia Leng

Wondering about the ethics of your actions can make you thirsty for an 1832 whiskey cocktail. In the face of knowing that you're going to have to break someone's heart, you just need a classic whiskey drink.  

"But I told you everything, and you told me to have a good life." 

goody, sweet, ice, cake, candy, chocolate, cream, sprinkles
Danielle Weinstein

Any breakup calls for ice cream and alcohol. Let's combine the two with an ice cream cone shot. An ice cream cone shot is a combination of ice cream cones, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, sprinkles, whipped cream, and liquor. This is what breakup dreams are made of.  

"But you still couldn't believe it was really goodbye." 

Anthony Nomakeo

Denial. Let's make a Pink Lady and pretend like we're in an other time period entirely. We can pretend we're in the 1920s and our relationship isn't over. A Pink Lady is a combination of dry gin, apple brandy, lemon, grenadine, eggs whites, and ice cubes. 

"I never wanted to be a heartbreaker." 

"Hope you know I'm still in love." 

mint, ginger ale, lemon, soda, lime, liquor, cocktail, ice, alcohol, juice
Jacqueline O'Reilly

For a confession this sweet and sour, you need a drink that is the same. The Saguaro should be your go-to. This mixture of gin, limes, blue agave, sparkling water, and ice will be the most refreshing way to numb the pain of unrequited love. 

"But you changed your number and moved."

whisky, liquor, alcohol, beer, wine
Scott Harrington

Okay, it's obvious the object of your affection is avoiding you. The thing you shouldn't be avoiding? The bar. Order yourself a Fireball shot and get ready to drunk dial that no longer working phone number. 

"Nobody can love you like I do." 

alcohol, mint, ice, juice, cocktail
Sophia Millares

This bold statement deserves a bold drink. A Newbury '94 Takes on College is just what the doctor ordered. This grapefruit juice, vodka, agave nectar, rosemary, and lime concoction will have you proclaiming to everyone at the party that no one can love them like you can. 

"No, there ain't no way we're through." 

juice, tequila, beer, cocktail
Parsa Lotfi

Is this denial or a fight that we hear coming through our speakers? Throw back that Margarita and get ready to fight for what you want. Show everyone that it isn't over. It can't be over. 

At least we know that Sam Hunt and his girl got their happy ending. Cheers to the hope that we can all be just as lucky.