There's something about dressing on leaves that freaks me out. For all of you picky eaters out there, I know how difficult it can be to try new foods. For me, once I decide I don't like something, nothing can change my mind. However, after sorority recruitment left me with few meal options, I was forced to break out of my comfort zone and try a salad—which up until now I have refused to eat.  

One day during recruitment, my friends dragged me to Sweetgreen. We only had a quick lunch break, so I didn't have time to find lunch somewhere else. It was time for me to eat my first salad. 

I Didn't Realize I Would Have So Many Options...

chicken, lettuce, pepper, salad, vegetable
Becky Hughes

When I got in line at Sweetgreen and had a chance to look at all of the menu options, it dawned on me that salad didn't have to be iceberg lettuce and a sticky dressing. The menu is full of healthy ingredients that I already liked. The best part about it is that I can incorporate healthy grains and meat alongside the vegetables, making my salad a rounded meal.

I managed to create a salad bowl that included quinoa, baby spinach, spicy chickpeas, corn, broccoli, sweet potato, and chicken, topped off with a spicy cashew dressing.

Looking at my bowl, I realized it didn't look much different than a Chipotle burrito bowl, or my favorite meal from Whole Heart Provisions (a vegan restaurant in Boston).

I was expecting something cold, soggy, and entirely unappetizing. Yet this salad tasted better than I could have dreamed. The spicy dressing and seasonings on the vegetables pack this meal with flavor.

I Can Stop Swerving Salads Now

After years of avoiding salad and working hard to find other healthy alternatives, I'm excited that I can finally start to try all of the salad recipes my friends have been raving about.

I can't believe that I spent this long trying to avoid something that's actually good. I encourage all of the picky eaters out there to learn from my experience. You might realize that you've been missing out on something delicious your whole life. For me, eating salad for the first time definitely changed my life for the better.