I should start by saying, I'm not a pie person. Let it out. Tell me how crazy I am. Are you done? Great, because I have to tell you about a pie I really liked by Ruffino Wines. It was covered in caramel and filled with Prosecco—and if I haven't gotten your attention by now, you're a lost cause.

Ruffino has had some genuinely crazy collaborations. I was one of the first in line this past summer to jump on the chance to try their Frosecco at 1 Hotel in Brooklyn, and it was freaking incredible. So when they asked if I wanted to try their newest collab, I didn't even have to think before saying yes.

Their wines and prosecco are great alone, but the ideas they have for infusions are truly next level. And despite my non-pie-loving ways, I decided to accept their taste-test and I kid you not, I'm so glad I did.

Ashley Steinberg

So what's the pie?

Ruffino teamed up with the incredible Little Pie Company to create a pie to rival their others. And if you've been to Little Pie Company, you know that's no easy feat. My co-workers couldn't stop talking about their Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie that was brought to our Thanksgiving potluck, and this new pie was no different.

The Ruffino Prosecco Salted Caramel Pie is the stuff of dreams. It's wrapped with a specialty bow that makes it feel like your pie is being delivered by the most exclusive of caterers and like you paid hundreds of dollars for it (spoiler: you won't). When you open the box, the beauty of that topping shines through immediately. Seriously, it's covered in gold glitter.

Ashley Steinberg

The topping of the cake was covered in edible glitter, which is fitting of a pie made with one of the fancier varieties of sparkling wine. It was almost a shame to cut into, but that didn't stop me.

The pie is a twist on an Apple Pie, using the Ruffino prosecco's apple notes to enhance the bold flavors in the pie. With a topping of granola combined with brown butter and salted caramel, the flavors together bring out the more savory notes. Though it was still intensely sweet—those with a big sweet tooth will fall in love—the pie left a salty, caramel-y taste at the end that kept you wanting more.

Ashley Steinberg

When is it available?

Right now! Seriously, go now. It's only available until December 31, so order for New Years now and you'll be able to re-create the ball drop with shiny pie.

You can have it in one of two sizes, 10 inches or 5 inches (the personal pie), which comes with a mini bottle of Ruffino Prosecco. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

And in case you can't get there yourself, you can order it on their website.


Some people, myself included, will be hit by the sweetness at first, but is it worth it for the rest of the flavors? Absolutely! And if it's too sweet for you to finish a whole slice, take my cue and devour the topping. It's honestly worth it for that salty, caramel, brown sugar dream alone.