For the past year or more, Rose' has become the staple drink for all things summer. Other drinks have come and gone—lookin' at you Aperol Spritz—and still make an appearance every once in a while, but Rose' has remained the frontrunner. It's been served in so many ways too, like gummies and the summer favorite, Frose'.

I've never been a huge rose' fan—I know, so when I was invited to taste a new option, the Frosecco, I got allllll kinds of excited. If you prefer prosecco to the popular vote, read on to find out how to get some yourself!

Ashley Steinberg

What is Frosecco, you ask?

Frosecco is a magical collaboration between Ruffino Wine and 1 Hotel in Brooklyn. While you'd think they're just frozen prosecco, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, they actually have a ton more flavor than that. 

The two options include Froseccó Fiore, which has hints of citrus and is topped with Lavender and Elderflower, and Froseccó Frutta, made with blackberry and peach.

Ashley Steinberg

The Fiore flavor, which I expected not to like, as I'm not a floral flavor fan, was kind of like a frozen spiked lemonade, but with prosecco instead of vodka, which is arguably better and also a bit classier (not that spiked lemonade doesn't have its time and place because I'm a fan of that too).

Ashley Steinberg

The Frutta was deliciously sweet and sour... and frozen, which just made eveything more refreshing and light.

Where can I get this?

Short answer, The Osprey at 1 Hotel. The Osprey is serving up these drinks from now until August and they have a gorgeous setup for those of you looking for a great Instagram pic.

Ashley Steinberg

#spoontip Ruffino also launched 187mL mini Prosecco bottles, which are now available at 1 Hotel as well—you know, in case you don't have enough in your frozen concoction.

We know where we'll be suggesting for all our day-drinking escapades this summer. How about you?