I bet you didn't think life could get any better. Besides our 3 family favorite chocolates we all know and love dearly, we can now welcome ruby chocolate with open arms.

Amanda Wakefield

Barry Callebaut, a famous Swiss cocoa processor has discovered the essentials for ruby chocolate by accident over 10 years ago. The cocoa comes from Ecuador and Brazil and the pink hues come from powder extracted from the cocoa pods. To keep the unique pink color contained, the fermentation process of the beans is removed which helps it retain its berry, earthy flavors. Therefore, no artificial flavors or additional berries are added. Unlike other chocolates, it is neither sweet nor bitter. it solely possesses that berry zest.

As the chocolate industry has been facing slow global sales, the idea of integrating a new treat into the loop excites many. And, the main target would be millennials. As said by Maria Mogelonsky, an employee at Mintel, “The unexpected pink color of the new chocolate is likely to find its way onto social media platforms of myriad millennials, for whom the ‘fun’ aspect of food is a purchase driver.” Millennials always look for new and healthy food trends and this might just be the next one. After all, it tastes: light, zingy, fruity, cleansing, and refreshing; just a few adjectives offered by those lucky enough to get their hands on it.

Currently the creamy chocolate is not being sold, but can be expected on shelves in 6 to 18 months. A panel for the chocolate has been launched in China because the ruby concoction closely relates to white chocolate, the most popular amongst customers in that country. Considering is has been 80 years since the discovery of white chocolate, the consumers around the world are eagerly awaiting the stores to be stocked with the mysterious new treat.

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Kevin Kozlik

We are already blessed with milk chocolate which is crafted by mixing chocolate liquor (ground cocoa beans) and powdered milk with added sugars and flavoring. This sweet is the most common eaten within the US.

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Christin Urso

But we can't forget about dark chocolate which is the combination of cocoa powder (made by cocoa liquor held under high pressure) and sugar. This chocolate is healthy in small portions and has a more bitter taste than milk. however, it too is a favorite to thousands across the globe.

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Caroline Ingalls

White is different in that it doesn't contain cocoa powder or liquor. It is a mixture of cocoa butter, sugar, and powdered milk making it the sweetest of the 3 popular concoctions. 

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Audrey Mirabito

Now after these 3 luxuries have #blessed all our lives, we can now cheerfully await the red carpet welcoming of ruby.