There's nothing better to cool off during the summer with than an ice pop during the day and a tall glass of rosé at night to celebrate a happy summer day. So, in the age of crazy desserts, even wilder cocktails, and everything delivered right to your doorstep, it's no surprise that FrutaPOP and Rosé Season (a rosé lifestyle brand) came together to create the world's first deliverable rosé ice pops! 

No. Way.

Yes, way. And did I mention that they're healthy? FrutaPOP is a small-batch, hand-crafted ice pop company, which specializes in natural fruit juice ice pops, coffee ice pops, and alcohol-infused ice pops. FrutaPOP is the first ice pop company to create ice pops that contain "healthy and natural ingredients" minus any added sugars! Never have I heard that alcohol was healthy, but I'll gladly hop on that bandwagon ASAP. Called “poptails,” their ice pops contain 5% alcohol or less and come in a variety of flavors from classic "Moscow Mule" to exotic "Guava Cosmo."

So naturally, as a self-proclaimed rosé aficionado and a couch potato, these ice pops are a double whammy. I had to order their rosé ice pops this summer and try them for myself. Disclaimer: these pops were not cheap, coming in at $120 for 12 ice pops. They featured a combination of their "Brosé" (their traditional rosé pop) and the "Coconut Rosé" flavor (made in conjunction with Rosé Season), and they also took over a month to arrive, which was not revealed upon purchase and was disappointing... Naturally, when they finally came, they were well worth their hefty price tag and the extended waiting period.

Coconut Rosé

If you were blindfolded when you first tasted this ice pop, you would think you're drinking straight vodka with a splash of some indistinguishable fruit. As the pop melted, the strong alcohol taste decreased, and it started to taste more rosé-like. Their name was also slightly misleading, as Coconut Rosé would make one assume that these pops had hints of coconut—which, sadly, they did not. These pops were not the best thing I've ever tried, but definitely not the worst. If you wanted to get drunk on ice pops—which I will admit I am not the type to do—these would be the way to do it. 

Brosé Rosé

These pops were fantastic. If I were to order boozy ice pops from FrutaPOP again, I would hands down order these. Sharing them with your bros as their name suggests would definitely be a summer moment to remember. They tasted deliciously tangy and resembled a cool sangria sipped in an adorable Spanish café while overlooking the Mediterranean. These pops were fruity, on the sweeter side, and the perfect boozy dessert to end a long summer day.

Sadly these ice pops are only delivered in New York at the moment. So, while New Yorkers are rejoicing by ending their days in the cloying heat of an NYC summer by feasting on delicious rosé ice pops, the rest of the world will either have to patiently wait for the company to expand nationally or make a trip to the Big Apple this summer to visit their friends to eat them there. Summer is all about being with your friends and family and relaxation, and ending the day with an alcoholic ice pop is the perfect way to both cool down with your buddies and relax after a long summer day in the sun.