No matter where we are in the world, there will always be rich people surrounding us. Some of them will be humble while others will shove their wealth in our faces. Regardless of how you're exposed to these people, there'll always be those rich people that appreciate expensive things and expensive things only - like the #RichRussianKids on Insta.

Why would anyone want to live in Russia? It's always so cold there.

While this may be true, it not like there aren't ways to not keep yourself warm, but to keep your house/apartment warm. Also, if you're anywhere as rich as these #RichRussianKids, why would you want to stay in Russia 24/7 when you have the money to go out and explore other parts of the world?

#RichRussianKids makes me wish that I lived in Russia because then it'd be easier for me to travel all throughout most Eastern countries. Maybe I'd be able to go to Switzerland someday like the guy in this photo.

Or be able to casually be somewhat of a hop, skip, and a jump away from cruising it up in Maldives.

Also looking at the #RichRussianKids Insta, they seem to go big or go home with everything and anything that they do. Getting treated amazingly is no exception to this policy, which is another reason as to why I'd want to live in Russia. Here in the United States, it's standard that women are supposed to take care of their hygiene and is now acceptable for guys to be fuckboys. What this means is that a guy treating a woman decently here is rare and unexpected.

Just look at how nice those nails are and at all of those rings and watches.

Now look at that huge teddy bear and that even bigger bouquet of flowers.

Rich Russian guys also would do anything when it comes to protecting and spoiling their significant other, thus putting how most American guys treat their girls to shame. 

When it comes to seeing #RichRussianKids on Insta, it's nice to see that they have money and spend it on things that make them happy - which I feel is something that everyone should do. If purchasing materialistic items makes you happy, stick to that. If spending money on travel makes you happy, stick to that. Don't "buy into experiences" because it's "smarter financially."