1. Kitcho, located in Kyoto, Japan


Photo Courtesy of kyoto-kitcho.com

The focus of this restaurant is on delivering exquisite taste as well as “visual beauty”. The cuisine is based on Cha Kaiseki, with a modern take. Kaiseki dishes are full course Japanese haute cuisine, one of the reasons this restaurant is highly respected. At Kitcho, you dine in a large private room, and service is extremely attentive. A meal for two however, will cost you around $1,200.

2. Sublimotion, located in Ibiza, Spain


Photo Courtesy of hrhibiza.com

Located in the Hard Rock Hotel on the famous beach Playa de Bossa, this 2-star Michelin restaurant costs about $2,000 per person, making it the most expensive restaurant in the world. It only seats 12 people and includes a 20-course gastro-sensory meal. The walls are virtual shows, changing scenery depending on the course, as images are projected onto the table, and lighting in the room is controlled. Every aspect is meant to enhance the experience.

3. Le Meurice, located in Paris, France


Photo Courtesy of prestige-et-sante.com

This is an incredibly luxurious restaurant. Paris is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you are able to experience that with a view of Le Jardin des Tuileries. With inspiration from the Chateau de Versailles, the inside is decorated with crystal chandeliers, antique mirrors, bronze, and marble in order to create the impression you are really there. For 642 USD (per person), you can order a full menu, but will have to order drinks separately.

4. Masa, located in New York City


Photo Courtesy of masanyc.com

Masa Takayama has made sure that his restaurant is one of a kind, and worth your time. After making a reservation, you are told to “dress comfortably” as the dinner will last at least three hours with a multi-course of fresh dishes in a traditional Japanese shibui atmosphere. The bill rounds up to $450 per person not including tax, gratuity, or drinks (such as $400 Sake or a $1,500 bottle of Chateau Margaux Bordeaux).

#SpoonTip: If you’d actually like to go to this restaurant, it might be good to know that reservations are to be made 3 weeks in advance and cancellations cost $200.

5. Per Se, located in New York City


Photo Courtesy of alphacityguides.com

Per Se is quite a popular restaurant in New York, as it seats up to 64 guests, and it also offers 10 private rooms for those who wish them. The fixed menu costs $325 per person, excluding drinks, gratuity, and tax. The restaurant is known for its extremely meticulous attention to detail not only on plating, but to its guests and their needs. Employees have been recognized to set the bar more than high for fine-dining service.

6. Urasawa, located in Beverly Hills, California


Photo Courtesy of Pintrest

Urasawa is a Japanese restaurant run by Hiroyoki Urasawa, apprentice of Masa Takayama. In 2014, this restaurant was ranked 2nd most expensive after Sublimotion. The cost to come here is a little over $1,000 per guest, as the food made and served is traditional Japanese. Very much like Masa, the Urasawa has a bar (only seats nine people) where you can sit and watch the chef meticulously make your meals.

7. Restaurant Hôtel de Ville, located in Crissier, Switzerland


Photo Courtesy of elitetraveler.com

This restaurant was owned by known couple, Benoit and Brigitte Violier. Although very sadly Benoit passed away this year, Brigitte is still running the restaurant, and it is still very successful. This fine dining serves traditional French food for both lunch and dinner, although you have to make a reservation months in advance. Prices are around $500 per person which does include wine; however lunch is less costly, adding up to about $300.

8. Ithaa, located in Maldives


Photo Courtesy of conradhotels

Ithaa is truly an unique restaurant simply because of one big reason. It is made out of all glass and located 5 meters below water. While you eat, you can see all kinds of marine animals swimming around you. It’s a beautiful experience, which will cost you around $300 excluding drinks. If you’re wondering why it’s your money’s worth answer this: how many times will you eat a meal with the world of the ocean above and around you?

9. Ultraviolet, located in Shanghai, China


Photo Courtesy of cnn.com

Ultraviolet and Sublimotion are very similar in the fact that the human senses are targeted through virtual means. Ultraviolet seats only 10 people and the twist about this place is that nobody knows where it is. Guests are the meet at the Chef’s other restaurant, and are then taken to the secret location. The menu is changed regularly so that rumors of it don’t spoil the experience for new-coming guests. One thing for sure though is that the 20 course menus are at least a $750 price.


Obviously most of us don’t have all this cash lying around to spend it on these crazy restaurants, but if at one point in your life you can afford a splurge, these restaurants really are the highest quality, and rarely have a negative review.