No one likes to destroy things, especially when that something is home to all of us and our furry friends.

If there is any tension in your relationship with mother nature, reusable bags are the #1 recommendation as a first step towards a better relationship with the environment.

In America, the crazy lady/gentleman with solar panels on their house who drives a Prius usually has reusable bags in the backseat. And they're usually pretty close with Mother Nature. 

Europeans use them, and so should we.

I carry reusable bags and I have no solar panels (or a house for that matter) nor do I own a Prius.

This is largely due to my time spent in Germany, where reusable bags are a must. I can’t say that people in Germany are morally superior, because in Germany you are charged 50 cents per bag that the store gives you. They are just as money conscious as the rest of us.

The United States government has not passed legislation allowing for such a fee, but, as citizens, we must still take care of our environment. We can't wait for our government to take charge. We must change in order for the environment to flourish again.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to bring a reusable bag with you each time you go to the store. You will decrease the amount of plastic in the ocean and on land, thus making it a healthier place for everyone to live. Make it easier to smell the flowers, and not smoggy air, on your way home.

How to save the environment, one bag at a time:

1. Obtain a reusable bag.

(This gives me justification for my shopping habits at Lulu, where you get a free reusable bag with each purchase.)

Other stores that pay you to use re-useable bags:

a) Target

b) Whole Goods

c) Trader Joe's

2. Keep reusable bags in your car.

3. Remember to carry reusable bags into stores with you.

4. Save five cents per purchase almost everywhere you go.

I know this doesn’t sound like much, but do it 20 times and you got your self a McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone for freeee.

Reusable bags are good for the environment (and your conscience), so the next time you don't have a date to your local grocery store (or Farmer's Market), just place your reusable bags on the passenger's seat and smile because you and mother nature just became best friends.