Before you compared your friendships to Rachel Green and Ross Gellar and the gang, you might have looked to to Tommy Pickles and Chuckie Finster for #friendshipgoals. At least I did. And I of course, I supported Angelica because #girlpower (even though she was kind of a bish). But, when it came down to it all, the Rugrats were there for each other, especially when that meant keeping track of Reptar (Tommy's favorite dinosaur toy), fighting him off in the first movie, and sharing Reptar-themed candy bars aka Reptar Bars.

If you're feeling that 90s nostalgia right now, you can relive all of that this week when FYE releases its very own throwback Reptar Bar. The candy bar will have milk chocolate on the outside, with green frosting on the inside, just like the one from the show. On account of the frosting-filled center, your mouth will probs be green for a bit after eating.

If you've never heard of FYE (For Your Entertainment), it's a store selling that sells music, movies, tech, and fandom gear. Tbh, I had no idea these were even around anymore, because who is still buying CDs? But you can head to their site here to find the nearest location to get your hands on a Reptar Bar. There's no set date for when it will be in stores, but Foodbeast reports it will be out this week, so stay tuned. 

#SpoonTip: If you're all about this, check out FYE's other Rugrats memorabilia, like Reptar Cereal!