Today, Red Bull announced that this year's summer flavor will be none other than Dragon Fruit. This new flavor sports a matte green can and comes in two sizes 8.4oz and 12 oz, perfect for anything your busy day might throw at you. In previous years, we’ve seen summer flavors like Coconut Berry, Beach Breeze, and even Kiwi Apple, but Dragon Fruit is here to kick it up a notch. This new flavor pairs the exotic fruit flavors of the Pitaya, or dragon fruit, and blends them with floral notes to keep you feeling light and refreshed all day long.

Red Bull

Summer is all about adventures. So no matter where your summer takes you, pair all of your adventures with Red Bull. Crack open a crisp and refreshing Summer Edition Red Bull, bursting red berries, a hint of plum, and floral notes, this drink is sure to keep you going all summer long. The drink’s bright magenta color looks gorgeous when poured over ice or served as a mocktail (or cocktail).

You can find the new Red Bull Summer Edition Dragon Fruit in stores starting March 29th at Walmart. Red Bull Summer Edition Dragon Fruit will also be available nationwide starting on April 26th. To learn more about this new Red Bull flavor visit their website