There are only a few things I’m super picky about. I like what I like and hardly feel the need to changes things up. But when I found out that Red Bull (aka my favorite energy drink) was launching their new summer flavor, I knew I had to try it. Red Bull Watermelon Summer Edition is exactly what I needed it to be and I’m officially hooked.

How does it compare to other flavors? Well, I’m glad you asked! After I took my first sip, this new flavor was instantly a chart-topper for me, (sorry Coconut Berry!) Red Bull had previously blessed us with a Plum Twist Winter Edition—which was delicious—but this is next level.

This new Red Bull Watermelon Summer Edition is bursting with rich and juicy watermelon flavor. It’s sweet, but not overly sweet where it feels like it’s slowly rotting your teeth. It’s the kind of sweet that transforms you into a beautiful, sunny 75-degree day. But be warned, it’ll leave you wanting more with each delightful and refreshing sip. This new flavor is guaranteed to be your new favorite drink of the season.