Red Bull has just announced its newest flavor, Winter Edition Arctic Berry. The new Winter Edition comes in frosty 12 ounce and 8.4 ounce cans and features a cool two-tone blue color scheme (perfect for winter). The Red Bull Winter Edition Arctic Berry offers the wiiiings of Red Bull with refreshing hints of raspberry. The newest edition lends to the vibe of a crisp, clear winter day spent on top of the highest glacier or in a snow-covered landscape taking on fun winter activities. 

No glacier? No problem. Red Bull Arctic Berry is the perfect drink to keep you energized wherever you are. Crush that essay, knock out those assignments, or even brush up on lecture notes while enjoying a new Red Bull Arctic Berry. Kick start any morning or get over your midday hump with caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins in every can of Red Bull Arctic Berry.

Arctic Berry Winter Edition Red Bull is hitting store shelves now, just in time to complement the colder weather and frosty days ahead. You can grab your cans today at retailers nationwide, while supplies last.