Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means it's time to start stocking up on candy for all the trick-or-treaters. As a former trick-or-treater, I know (and most of you probably do too) that there is always that one house whose candy just doesn't make the cut, whether it was those caramel chews your grandma always had or something healthy. Influenster just released a poll listing the most popular candy by state.

Some noteworthy findings from this list are that the top three Halloween candies are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, and Butterfingers. They were ranked in the top candies across all states (are you really surprised?).

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Logan McVey

Surprisingly, the candy that won over the most states was candy corn. This is somewhat shocking because you either love it or hate it, but candy corn's comeback may be due to the new flavors they released this fall.

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Diana DiGasbarro

Each state's favorite candy was picked from a sample of Influenster users. Did your state pick your favorite candy? Mine didn't. As a North Carolinian, I can promise you if you put a Butterfinger in my bucket it is going straight in the garbage or to my parents.

For those of you who are a little to old to trick-or-treat, there are plenty of cool ways to use the four most popular candies to throw a spooky Halloween party. Candy corn Jell-O shots are always a good idea, but a peanut butter cup dip would be even better. These funfetti Kit Kats are sure to be a crowd pleaser, and a pumpkin Butterfinger cake hits all the bases for fall.

So start stocking your candy bowls, and while you anxiously wait for all the festivities, check out this quiz and see how sexy you are based on your candy tastes.