In the best turn of events of all time, Reba McEntire has been named the first female Colonel Sanders. KFC's iconic character has been played by all male actors and comedians in the past including Rob Lowe, Norm MacDonald, George Hamilton, and Jim Gaffigan.

Who Is Colonel Sanders? 

As Colonel Sanders, McEntire will promote the chicken company's new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken. KFC announced McEntire's role in their new commercial Honky Tonk in which the female country singer and actor is singing to a crowd about how "she's definitely not a famous woman." 

The hilarious commercial also features Reba playing herself. McEntire hopes to bring "country flair" to the role as the first musician to play the role as well. 

The actual Colonel Sanders died 36 years ago but began selling fried chicken nearly 90 years ago. In 2015, KFC revitalized the Colonel role and now the character is a staple of the company's advertisements.

So what do you think, will McEntire be the best Colonel ever, or will McEntire be the best Colonel ever?