Mmm, boy do I love fried chicken. It is definitely a protein that— despite its grease and fattiness—just never gets old to me. And on those lazy Sundays when I just need to stuff my face, it's my go-to. So, clearly, KFC and I have a great relationship. And it has gotten even better with the release of its latest fried chicken flavors, Georgia Gold and Nashville Hot.

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Tabatha Marks

Both Georgia Gold and Tennessee Hot are offered in a variety of combinations. You can choose a meal of 3 piece tenders, 2 piece drum and thigh, or 5 piece wings. If you haven't gotten to try these beasts yet, let me inform you of the delicious goodness that you're missing out on.

Georgia Gold

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Tabatha Marks

Georgia Gold channels the food culture of Georgia perfectly by fusing succulent, tangy, and sweet flavors with fried greatness. The color on this chicken is gorgeous, as it is literally gold. The chicken gets its bright color and wonderful taste from its signature Honey Mustard BBQ sauce. After just one bite, I was hooked.

This is by far the crispiest chicken that KFC has ever cooked up. Yet, the crispiness does not deter from the juiciness of the chicken. The chicken is moist and tasty, while the fats on the side are so perfectly juicy. I simply couldn't stop shoving the chicken in my face. But just a warning: the sweetness paired with the grease does get a little overwhelming at the end, so be careful eating it too quickly, as it does not sit so well.

Tennessee Hot

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Tabatha Marks

Tennessee Hot captures that regional Tennessee Flavor with its fusion of spice and savory goodness. The color of this protein is much more red than its fried chicken counterpart, Georgia Gold. And with just one bite, I could see why. This chicken is HOT. And I mean, really hot.

Covered in a cayenne and paprika based sauce, this chicken is smoky and extremely spicy. I would not recommend it to a typical buffalo sauce fan, as its heat is much more peppery and earthy than any buffalo ever is. You definitely have to be a fan of spice to enjoy this meal. Thankfully, I am, so I love these insanely bold flavors. And while intense, the juicy and moist consistency still pairs amazingly with the crispiness of the chicken. Tennessee Hot definitely doesn't fail to do its name justice.

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Tabatha Marks

KFC has entered this new year with quite the determination and ferocity. Its newest fried chicken flavors are intense and delicious with every bite. No other chicken chain in the game can match the richness of taste or the uniqueness in recipe that KFC has brought to the table. Bravo, KFC, you have made my Sunday mornings even better.