Many of us want to be in the habit of working out but can never seem to actually make  it to the gym. You may have had the best intentions of working out, but each time you found something more important or more fun to do. Yes of course it is hard to start making exercise a routine, but there are many reasons to start working out, especially at the start of each semester.

It Is A Good Habit to Have

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Denise Uy

This one is pretty self explanatory. Everyone knows that a mile a day keeps the doctor away (or something like that). There are many reasons to work out just purely on health reasons. Working out can help you loose the stubborn weight, it can help you bulk up, it can do many things. Getting into this habit early will start the whole semester off right for you. This is one of the may reasons to start working out before your classes start to consume your life.

It Does Not Matter If You Cannot Work The Machines

Rebecca Block

This one for me was a personal experience. Going to the machines at the beginning of the semester and not knowing what way to sit down is not an issue at the begging of the semester. People may assume that you are a freshman, and if you are a freshman you have the best excuse of all for not knowing how to work the machines. So if that one section of the gym always scared you off check it out before it is too late. 

Meet New People

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Julia Gilman

Working out with someone is great! This is a great way to meet new people or even get closer to your current friends. If you end up going to the same work out class every week you might run into people with the same interests as you. Expand your friend group past the dorms and find people who like working out just as much as you do. Even better: If you have a work out partner it will provide accountability for you to keep this habit. This reason to workout is something that can impact your whole college career.

Get To Know What Fitness Classes You Like

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Caroline Ingalls

Many colleges offer free fitness classes weekly. They have many different kinds of classes such as Zumba, rock climbing, cycling, weights, etc. At the beginning of the semester you will have enough time to try them all, and then work the class you like into your schedule once your days get too crowded. Who knows? You might actually end up loving one of the classes that is offered. 

You Can Eat All of the Food You Missed While On Summer Break

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Hailey Almsted

Many people do complain about their dining halls, but there are a couple of favorites everyone has at their school. While they may not be the most low calorie meals, they do taste good. At my school I cannot live without the crepes. So why miss out on the one good thing that your college serves? If you are able to create a solid routine of working out, then you can eat your favorite meal more often. 

It is a Good Way to Deal With Stress

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Shelby Cohron

Exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels. So by going to the gym you are saving time by significantly reducing the time you would spend stressing instead of studying. Being active gives you a feeling of productivity, making you almost want to get all of your work done. If you get into the habit of working out, I guarantee you will have a less stressful semester. 

So once you are done reading this, put on your running shoes and get to the gym.